Monday, February 25, 2008

When it rains...

Sometimes when it rains, it pours. And sometimes when it rains, the roof leaks. Like now. Like my roof, leaking through the ceiling in the laundry room and bathroom. My house is dotted with pots and pans, never mind water puddles where new bubbles erupt in the plaster and we haven’t had the foresight to place extra pans. My spirit is sinking in the deluge. And my sons are, as ever, helpful: they flooded the bathroom yesterday with the intent of making a “surprise lake.” When I opened the bathroom door and found them standing in a half inch of water and soaked to the bone, they yelled: “Surprise!” How could I be mad? They were just trying to speed up the slow, soggy process that will eventually end with our home sunk in a gooey little pond.

Okay, I’m being melodramatic, but this winter is kicking my butt! Not only is our roof leaking, there is nothing we can do about it (too much ice built up on the roof). Add that to the fact that it’s still snowing, everyone and their dog is sick (the county health authority actually closed down all the nurseries in our area due to “epidemic outbreaks” of influenza--been there, done that), and confinement is starting to equal conflict in nearly every relationship I hold dear. Sigh.

But I’m not blogging to complain. I’m blogging in an attempt to lift my spirits. I know some lovely ladies who do a thing called “Thankful Thursday.” Well, I can’t wait for Thursday to indulge in a little thankfulness. My manic Monday is in desperate need of a little perspective. So, without further adieu, five things that I am thankful for on this crazy, snowy Monday:
  1. Upcoming events! I am going to the Calvin College Festival of Faith and Writing in April. On top of three incredible days of hobnobbing with fellow writers and lovers of all things literary, I am going to take an extra couple of days and write! Oh I am so excited… And if that isn’t cool enough, I am also going to ICRS (International Christian Retail Show) in Orlando this July. I love this writing gig!
  2. Clarity! I had a major plot breakthrough in my work-in-progress this weekend. I can’t believe how much purpose and direction it has given me. (Special thanks to my critique partner, Todd.)
  3. An understanding hubby! Of course we snap at each other, but when we do we get to kiss and make up. We’ve done lots of snapping and lots of making up in the past few days.
  4. Gorgeous kids! Sure, my little one refuses to answer if I ask, “Do you love mommy?” But that doesn’t mean he and his brother aren’t completely adorable. Good thing I think their cheeks are utterly irresistible or I would have gone loony when I saw their lovely lake surprise.
  5. Music! Even though my boys are stuck on International Harvester (cheesy but totally fun country song with lyrics like: “I’m a God-fearin’, hard-workin’, combine driver, hoggin’ up the road in my p-p-p-p-plower…”), a little music in my day gets me dancing around the kitchen even when water is p-p-p-p-ploppin’ from my ceiling.

Whew! I made it. Maybe this winter isn’t so bad after all… Wait a second, I am going loony...

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  1. If you need some help with that ice dam on your roof, you know you can call us, right?