Monday, February 11, 2008


I’ve been tagged! Miriam at In His Grip has tagged me to tell you seven random facts about myself. Oooo! How exciting--I haven’t played tag since elementary school. Here goes.

  1. I bite my fingernails. I wish I didn’t and I know it’s a terrible habit, but I just can’t seem to stop. It’s an unconscious action that I’m not even aware of doing--and I usually do it when I’m writing, reading, watching a movie, or doing something else that completely occupies my mind. Any advice to help me quit?
  2. I’m a very girly-girl. In fact, I have a friend who insists on calling me “Princess,” though I tell him it’s a misnomer. But I do love French manicures and getting my hair done. And nothing compares to wearing a dress and a pair of slinky high heels.
  3. Oddly enough, I can also be a real tomboy. I love animals and I spent two years of my life working on a dairy farm. I milked in work boots, cut-off jean shorts, and t-shirts with the sleeves ripped out (I’m sure I was quite the sight!). When I worked the 3am shift I drank a liter of milk straight from the tank after we finished at dawn. And though the cows could toss me around with a shake of their huge heads, my boss told me I had a real gentle hand with the animals and they were always good as gold for me. Well, except for the bull that tried to gore me. But that’s a different story!
  4. I’m afraid of heights. Sort-of. I love roller coasters and I used to love climbing trees (haven’t done that in a while), but when I’m not strapped in or completely in control of my surroundings heights scare me. When we were in Spain we took a cable car to the top of the rock of Gibralter. It was horrible. I think I had vertigo because the whole time we toured the top I kept losing my balance and tripping over things!
  5. I have always wanted a brown-eyed baby. Though my eyes are green and my husband’s eyes are blue, my paternal grandmother has beautiful brown eyes and I always hoped that her genes were recessive and would pop out in one of my children. Who knew that God would grant me my wish for a brown-eyed baby by making me the mother of an Ethiopian born child? I feel so blessed. And nothing compares to his gorgeous chocolate eyes!
  6. I’m a natural blond. Though I am a girly-girl and have been tempted many times, I have never dyed, highlighted, or low-lighted my hair. I keep waiting for it to turn brown, but it just doesn’t.
  7. I love the little things in life. Knowing that there is a new box of cereal in the cupboard (I love cereal) can put a smile on my face as I’m falling asleep at night. Unwrapping a nice bar of soap and drinking in the scent thrills me. Flavored lip-gloss makes me smile. It doesn’t take much to make me happy!

There you go, seven random facts. I don't know if they're interesting, but they are random! Anyway, now I'm supposed to tag seven more people. Problem is, I don't even know that many bloggers and the ones I do know just did this exercise. So I'm going to be rebellious and tag no one.

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