Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Radio Interview

On Thursday, February 28 (that's tomorrow!) I'm going to be doing a radio interview on Business Talk Radio Network. Steve Bonenberger hosts a show called Nexus Found on the network, and he regularly highlights authors, artists, musicians, and entreprenuers. The show airs weekdays 8-10pm EST. If you would like to tune in live, I will lead off the second hour of the show (9pm EST). Or, if you would like to catch the show after the fact, you can check out the archives for the Nexus Found program. I'm not very tech saavy, but Steve graciously walked me through the process of tuning in and I'll try to do the same for you!

1. Go to Business Talk Radio Network.

2. Click on the "Listen Live" tab if you intend to listen live. OR

3. Click on "Archives/Podcasts."

4. Find Steve Bonenberger's profile and Nexus Found.

5. Click on 02/28/08 - Hour 2.

Happy listening!

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