Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Weekend Fun

It's been another lovely couple of days. How I love fall. Too fun to blog--and too busy even if I wanted to. But I'm going to sneak in a few quick highlights... And then I fear it's back to life as normal in the coming days. Life as normal? Does that even exist?

Any-hoo, some highs and lows:

*Hiking the trails at a state park near our home. Iowa woodland is full of acorn trees, and when the nut separates from the husk you have a fairy cup. I love it that my kids are young enough to believe that the woods are full of fairies.

*Climbing my dad's pear tree in search of those unreachable beauties. I was probably 25 feet in the air before I realized how high I was. (The pears are now lined up on my counter.)

*Suffering the unbelievable pain of a corneal abrasion (from climbing the pear tree). The optometrist had to extract a piece of bark from the soft tissue of my upper eyelid. Yuck.

*Being told by my eldest that I have a "butt shake" when I walk. "Mom, why do you have a butt shake? I sure am glad my butt doesn't wiggle like that." LOL.

*Baking my favorite apple recipe for the first time this fall. It's awesome. You can find the recipe here.

*Watching an unexpectedly good movie. I'm usually pretty picky, and this movie was a surprise treat! I'll post a review on Wednesday, it was that good.

*Re-writing one more chapter in my book. Now I'm done. I have to be. But I think I could pick and pick and pick at this book ad infinitum.

*Enjoying the light through the trees in the morning, the cool breeze in the afternoon, and the scent of wood fires in the evening.

Hope you're having a lovely week wherever you may be!


  1. That does sound like a good weekend. I love fall! I can't wait for the awesome weather to get where I am. It's a bit cooler and that's a lot of fun. I'm excited about the rest--especially the colors!

    Those pears look delicious!

  2. We have a huge apple tree in our back yard, so I'm always excited for a new way to use them!

    Glad your weekend was so wonderful!

  3. Oh, how I wish I was having the week you've had! I love being enveloped in nature. It's entirely peaceful. Your pear anecdote reminds me of picking pears from trees at a childhood friend's old home. I love pears; haven't had one in quite some time. I'm glad you had such a wonderful week. Hope this one's just as good! :D

  4. Nicole, you are such a breath of fresh air to me. I mean it...I read your posts and find that I have a soft grin when I am done. Thanks for sharing pieces of your life with us as they show 1) you are just a real girl living a real life (ouch on the eye issue and ha ha on the butt shake!!!) and that 2) you take the time to live the life you have (really?? 25 feet in the air???).
    Blessings, girlfriend!

  5. PS - anxiously awaiting another of your books!! Per the tracking number, should be in my mailbox today!! Can't wait!

  6. Kristen, trying to send some of this lovely weather your way... ;)

    Yellow Door, I might be over-selling it, but I think you'll LOVE the apple recipe. We gobble up the whole pan in a day or two. It's the sort of yummy, gooey, warm and comforting dessert that I look forward to all year.

    Lauren, I wish I could send some pears your way! They're so perfect, so pretty I almost don't want to eat them. But I shall. ;)

    Bina, I'm glad you think I'm real! I am. My tree-climbing adventure was sans make-up and sweatpants clad. If I've ever given you the impression that I'm glamorous in any way, I apologize for misleading you. I'm klutzy and uncoordinated and get zits. Good thing my hubby didn't know those things when he married me... He-he-he!

  7. Ah, the butt shake. And a toast to the "butt shake." :D I'm right there with you. Isn't it fabulous when your own children point stuff like that out?
    ~ Wendy

  8. ouch on the eye! And halarious about the butt shake. It's crazy how honest kids are. I once has a six year old stare at me for about five minutes. I thought he was adoring me or something. But no. After his five-minute stare down he very politely said, "Your teeth are yellow." How sweet.

    And can you believe hubby and I actually cut our pear tree down this year?

  9. ...you went outside SANS makeup??? Wow - YOU are my hero... tee hee hee

  10. Are your kids pointing out stuff to you, Wendy? I had hoped girls would be more sensitive...

    Katie, yellow teeth? You poor thing. I was in church on Sunday and the little boy sitting next to me told his mom that her breath smelled like farts. No joke!

    Bina, I'm afraid some of us aren't natural beauties like you. We've got to work at it! ;)

  11. The last time I was 25 feet into a pear tree, the branch I was standing on snapped and I was laid up for 8 weeks. How is your eye? I've been unfortunate enough to experience a corneal abrasion too, do you have a good story to go with it?

  12. 8 weeks?!?! That's awful. My dad kept yelling at me from the ground, "It's just a pear! It's not worth a broken bone!" And sadly, no, I don't have a good story. I reached for a pear, it didn't snap off the branch right away, and when it did finally give way it sent a shower of dried leaves, bark, and dust right into my upturned face. What I *should* say is I was valiantly battling a pack of wolves when... Okay, okay. I'll stick with the real version. :)

  13. Okay...the fart comment is way too halarious. What do you say to that?