Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sleeping in Eden

So I'm in a bit of a holding pattern right now. My publisher has my newest manuscript, my until now untitled fourth book that is due for publication late this coming spring. It's exciting. And nerve-wracking, too. I'm crazy about this book, but what if they're not? What if all the hard work and agony (the proverbial blood, sweat, and tears) is for naught? It's amazing how this process never gets old. I have a feeling I'll be biting my fingernails when (if?) my twentieth book ever sits on the desk of a publishing house editor. I suppose that's a good thing.

Anyway, I'm currently contract-less and ready to start a proposal for my fifth book. I've never done a full-blown proposal before... So I'm procrastinating. Of course. Or maybe it's not procrastination. Maybe it's just a matter of time, of chewing it over while I think and think and think... Does anyone else work this way?

In an effort to keep my churning mind busy, I'm going to share a bit with you about my fourth book. It gives me something to do, and (hopefully!) gives you something to look forward to. :)

  • Remember the title I tossed around a few months ago? Sometimes Girl. Nah, nixed it. I finally came up with the perfect title for this book and have had great feedback from both agent and editor. My fourth book is titled: Sleeping in Eden. Do you like it?
  • Sleeping in Eden is based on this true crime. Her cold case was reopened when I was in high school and the news stories stayed with me for years. It's funny how the mind warps things... Little details stuck with me, like the friendship ring she wore on her right hand. But my story has little to nothing in common with Wilma's sad tale--it was merely the launchpad.
  • Lucas Hudson, my main character, has no mortal match. Usually I love finding a photo online of my character--and usually he or she jumps off the screen and grabs me by the throat. It's that obvious I've found his/her equal. But I've spent way too much time searching for Lucas, all to no avail. In looks alone, he reminds me a bit of the creepy psychologist from Batman Begins, but that's an imperfect comparison. And he does look a smidge like this guy on the right, too, but less pouty. He's got dark hair, dark eyes, and glasses, but he's much more complex than these pretty boys. Lucas is a small town doctor with a strong sense of right and wrong, but his compassion can sometimes get him in trouble. I think he's fascinating... And I can't find a good representation of him. Can you picture him anyway? I hope so.

Wanna learn more about Lucas? Come back Saturday for a sneak peek at his character... I'm going to share a bit of a scene I chopped from the original book. It'll never see the light of day in print, might as well use it elsewhere!


  1. Ok Wilma's story is just sad :( But I am excited to see what you have done with the story. Funny how your guy looks like a Lucas in my mind...
    Much hugs,

  2. Hi, Nicole! I definitely let things marinate for a while. I used to feel guilty about it but then I realized that I could just sit for forever and try to push the issue, or go about my life and wait for it to come. Either way, it would take the same amount of time.

  3. Oh, wow! I'm excited to learn more about your character and the book. Can't wait for that to come out. And I'm sure you'll get that new contract. God gave you a brilliant gift to be shared, and anyway your fans won't stand to see you unpublished! ;) The title "Sleeping in Eden" is brilliant. I was a little partial to Sometimes Girl, but SIE is perfect. It just has that ring to it, that "this is it" feel, and you did a wonderful job picking it out. :)

  4. "Sleeping in Eden" is a great title! I really like it. Sometimes Girl was good, too, but I think the new title has a bit more "Hey, what book is that about?" quality to it.

    And I understand what you mean about not finding a match. I've got a character that I've got picture perfect in my mind, and I've yet to find a celebrity or random Google image that looks like him! Which, for me, makes him even more special. Lucas sounds like a very intriguing character!