Saturday, September 12, 2009


The newest member of the Baart family! She's two months old, and her name is Lucy. My oldest son named her last night, and I'm curious to see if you can figure out what her full name is... I'll give you a hint. She's a literary figure who factors into a famous series of books. I'd tell you more, but anything else would be a dead giveaway. Someone's got to be able to guess her full name by that one clue! We call her Lucy __________ Baart. Happy guessing. :)

Lucy is a mini-beagle, though that's kind of a misnomer. There are no miniature versions of a beagle, only beagles over 13 inches and under 13 inches. Lucy's the runt of her under 13 inch litter, so we think she'll stay pretty small. Anyway, she's a great little breed... Affectionate, playful, great with kids, and, blessedly, yapless. I like the toy dogs because they're cute, but I can't stand all that yip-yip-yipping. Lucy's a hound dog so she'll likely howl, but we hope to train her well. Time will tell!

Well, this has absolutely nothing to do with writing, but I thought I'd share. We're pretty smitten right now, especially because she slept through her first night without a single whine. We figured the first week would be sleepless as she settles into her new life. Keep your fingers crossed for tonight! And wish me luck with housetraining... I think I'll need it.

PS - The picture is not of Lucy. I haven't had a chance to photograph her yet, so I'll post the real deal as soon as I can. In the meantime, the sweetie above is a pretty close approximation!


  1. Oh my goodness! A puppy! There is nothing cuter than a puppy. Call me crazy, but I LOVE puppy breath. And I love feeling the pads of their paws. Can't wait to see a picture of the real deal! I bet your boys are in love!

  2. If that pic is anywhere as cute as Lucy, y'all must be in love!!! I saw the answer on her middle name, so I won't give it away for other guessers...her name is great!!! Hope she grows into three names!! :)
    Hugs tonight!

  3. Oh wow, she's so cute! Congrats! I'm with Katie--I love puppy breath. And puppy bellies. They are so fun!

  4. My cousins have a beagle and he is always so energetic and fun. But he sure does have a big belly! lol. I'm sure y'all will have a lot of good times with her. :D

  5. Yeah, we are in love! Lucy's been very sweet since we brought her home... She sleeps through the night (in complete silence!), uses our prepared outdoor toilet space consistently, and is the perfect mix of playful and snuggly. She's only had one accident so far, and since we have laminate flooring it was a breeze to mop up.

    As for her name, it's not Lucy Maud Montgomery, though that's a great guess! I'll give you another clue. She's named after a girl who is both a child and a queen. Any ideas???