Thursday, May 28, 2009

Veggie Update

I promised I'd keep you up to speed on how the Baart family is enjoying our 1/2 share in a local all-natural farm. Not much to say other than: we love it. Nothing, and I mean nothing compares to fresh from the garden produce. The butterhead lettuce has been so divine it doesn't even need dressing; I nibble leaves as I clean it. And we resurrected an old Dutch favorite with the kale: Boerenkool. It sounds disgusting, but it's delicious and one of my top-ten comfort foods along with peanut butter and honey toast. Feeling adventurous? I'm including the recipe. You can tweak as desired, changing the type of potatoes or the "extras" you use to mash them. But this is our all-time favorite combo.

* * *

Boerenkool (Dutch potatoes and kale)

8 baby red potatoes
1 large bunch fresh kale
1/4 cup chopped green garlic
sour cream
sea salt

Wash the potatoes but don't peel. Chop into small pieces. Place in a saucepan and cover with water and a sprinkling of salt. Boil until potatoes are tender. As the potatoes are boiling, dice the green garlic and the cut the kale into bite-sized pieces. Fill a pot with an inch of water, a sprinkling of salt, and the green garlic. Bring to a boil. Add the kale. You may need to do this in stages; it will seem like a lot of kale at first but it will quickly wilt. When the potatoes are done, drain the water. Add sour cream and butter to taste (a spoonful at a time) or until the potatoes are the desired consistency. Drain the kale and green garlic. Add it to the potatoes and mash together. Sprinkle with fresh ground pepper.

* * *

Don't judge the boerenkool! You can't knock it 'til you've tried it. Oh, and I almost forgot a key ingredient: sausage. You're supposed to serve boerenkool with sausage. Traditionally, it should be rookworst, a Dutch pork sausage, but we love it with Polish sausage and even ring bologna. You can make do. Yum, yum, yum. I'm drooling, even though we had it for supper last night.

Okay, your turn. What's your favorite weird food? I admitted to loving boerenkool and on my bio page I confess that I succumb the occasional peanut butter and pickle sandwich. How 'bout you?


  1. Okay, when I first read this I was reading quickly and I thought I saw that you ate the boerenkool with peanut butter and honey toast. You scared me...but then I read it over. I just like the sound of it, so I'm game to try it.

    Weird food for me would be, hmmm, tabouli perhaps. Not feeling so weird today, I guess.

  2. Tabouli reminds me of succotash. Perfect summer fare. I also love a broccoli salad my mom makes with grapes, bacon, and a mayonnaise dressing.

    Hope you like the boerenkool! :)

  3. When I was younger, I used to make potato chip and butter sandwiches. That's disgustingly unhealthy... but oh so yummy!

  4. I've had plain potato chip sandwiches, but I'm a little hesitant about the peanut butter... Though pb does go with nearly anything. We love it on cinnamon rolls. :)

  5. I don't mean peanut butter (which could add a little healthy value). I meant butter-butter. :) Very unhealthy. Although peanut butter and potato chip might be interesting. I'll keep it in mind next time I'm preggo. :)

  6. How did I misread that? Makes me wonder what else I misconstrue... ;)