Wednesday, May 6, 2009

CBD Interview

Gotta love Google-Alert. About once a day I get a nice, little email in my inbox telling me where The Moment Between is popping up on the web. Usually, I'm completely surprised. Anyway, today I was told that CBD just posted an online interview about my latest release. Want to know more about the book, my writing process, authors I love? Check it out. And while you're there, buy the book! How's that for shameless? ;)


  1. Great interview! I think I am vicariously living through you... is that not healthy? You are accomplishing your goal - your book is one that has stuck with me further than its pages. I find myself thinking about Haily and Abigail after I put it down. It's the kind where I read a page or two, set it down, and think about what I just read. Kind of like a fine wine.... savor the flavor, which would be very appropriate. :)

    I cannot wait to read your fourth book. Actually, I still have Summer Snow to read! Something to hold me over until your 4th book comes out. I'm very close to done with The Moment Between and can't wait to write a review on my blog! I am going to link it to that interview as well.

    God's blessings are so amazing and so humbling!

  2. You're such a peach, Katie. I read a bad review today and I'm shocked at how low it can take me in the span of a breath. Writing is an awesome blessing, but it's not without its trials, and I have to keep reminding myself that I don't do this for praise. I do this TO praise. There's a big difference. Anyway, you make me smile. :) And I look forward to following your own journey to publication. I have a feeling about you. ;)


  3. Oh poo on the bad review! There always has to be one, doesn't there? I was looking at reviews on Amazon the other day for Francine Rivers' Mark of the Lion series (which I own and have read about five gazillion times each - I have a major literary crush on Mark Valerian...sorry, I digress) and found some negative reviews. I couldn't believe it. Just goes to show it's impossible to please everyone! Like you said - it's God we want to please. That's the ultimate goal - to hear Him say, Well done, good and faithful servant. But it doesn't make the criticism any easier to hear. As a words of affirmation girl myself, I know how much those words can hurt!

    Here's something to combat the icky review - I was reading part of your book out loud to my mom and she said, "Wow, she really pulls you in, doesn't she?" And my mom is not a reader. She doesn't often say that about books!