Monday, May 4, 2009

Character Spotlight

Another quickie... blog that is. Just wanted to direct you to RelzReviewz where the the lovely Rel has just posted a character spotlight of Abigail and Hailey, the sister duo that is showcased in The Moment Between. The blog is full of interesting information about these ladies including appearance, quirks, and my inspiration for the characters. I wrote this spotlight a few months ago and was surprised to re-read some of my own words. Apparently, Ingrid Michaelson's music played a role in inspiring the relationship between Abigail and Hailey... Music definitely factors in to my writing process, but after the book is finished sometimes I forget just how important the soundtrack was. Maybe I should post my soundtrack sometime soon. Anyway, check out the post, and while you're there, spend some time enjoying Rel's site. She has a remarkable collection of reviews, interviews, and many more character spotlights.

PS - If you're here from AuthorBuzz, welcome! I hope you enjoy peeking around. Don't forget to send me an email if you'd like to be entered in a drawing for a free book. More info in the post below.

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  1. Thanks Nicole! It's always a pleasure working with you :)