Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tulip Festival Signings

On Friday and Saturday from 10-1 I'll be signing books at the Tulip Festival. If you live nearby you know what that is, and I'm not above begging: come say hi! I feel like such a tool at booksignings... And it's compounded by the fact that they're making me wear a traditional Dutch costume and wooden shoes. Or are they? You won't know unless you come and see. How's that for tricky? ;)

But seriously, come. And not just for me. Vicky Myron (of Dewey, NYT #1 Bestseller fame) will be there and so will twenty other authors of varying disciplines and backgrounds. Poets, novelists, children's authors... It'll be fun. Besides, you wouldn't want to miss the Straat Feest or the Volksparade. Oooh, don't forget my personal favorite the Street Scrubbing. Talk about good, clean fun. (That was bad, I know. Sorry. I have a relative who is the king of puns and from time to time his influence manifests itself in a very, very lame joke. Sorry. I'm done now.)

See you at the Author Corner!


  1. Okay - the pun may have been lame - but it made me laugh out loud. Seriously. Maybe I have a lame sense of humor. :)

    I'd love to see you in a Dutch get-up! Where is this thing taking place, anyway? I'm pretty sure we live on opposite ends of Iowa, don't we? Don't you live in west Iowa? I live on the Miss. river. I'd love to go to a book signing of yours though!

  2. Hey Niki, I heard about author's corner over the loudspeaker today and immeadiately thought of you! I was going to say hi, but I had to go set up my piccolo for marching band. :( Hope you had fun nonetheless!! :)

  3. Yeah, Katie, I think we're on opposite ends. Sigh. But I do have big plans to do the whole southern Iowa/Amish country/Midwest wine tour thing sometime soon. I'll let you know if I'm ever in your neck of the woods. :)

    Carlye, saw you in the parade this afternoon! You rocked that piccolo. ;) I had a fudge puppy in your honor.