Monday, April 13, 2009


In addition to trade paperback, audio version, and Dutch translation, The Moment Between is going to be released in large-print hardcover. I'm so thankful for that! My last two books were difficult for my grandma to read. Anyway, a new version means a new cover, and I thought I'd share. Abigail Bennett, my protagonist in The Moment Between grew up in southwest Minnesota. Aren't the cover images perfect? They could be snapshots of my childhood (I grew up a short drive from the Iowa-Minnesota border). In fact, the middle photo looks like it was taken at the gravel pit where I worked as a lifeguard in high school and college. Too cool.


  1. wow that's really cool! is that cover just for the large print or all the hardcover copies?

  2. Neat! I always wonder why they do different covers for the LP editions, but as the author I be that's double the fun!

  3. Nikki, how sad is it that you wrote 'gravel pit' and I thought, "That's not the one south of town..." -- only to realize 2 secs later that you meant Sandy Hollow.

    When you have multiple 'gravel pit' locations, you KNOW it's a small town. ;)

    I still have to read the last 1/3-1/2 of TMB. Give me one of the 5 free copies, or I'll encourage Judah to pull the fire alarm at church! j/k :)

  4. I love different covers because they are a different interpretation of the book. It's like seeing my work through someone else's eyes. You're right, C.J.--double the fun. :)

    And Susan... Don't you dare! One child pulling the fire alarm was more than enough, thank you very much. I may just pay you back by teaching Nathan to do the same. ;)