Wednesday, March 18, 2009


I love, love, love a good concert. Unfortunately, my concert attendance is sporadic at best. But this weekend I got to see three of my new favorite artists in one of my favorite venues: First Avenue in downtown Minneapolis. My favorite (hmmm... I think that word might be losing it's power in this post) concert of all time (Our Lady Peace with Blacklab) was there, and even the theft of my car the night before the concert couldn't dampen the sheer awesomeness of it. (BTW, the cops did find my car abandoned on the side of the road in some shady Saint Paul neighborhood. The windows were smashed, the steering column was shredded, and my sweet, little vehicle was thoroughly violated by a bunch of thugs who used it for a drug run.)

Anyhoo, the concert this weekend was fabulous (and no cars got stolen). A great time was had by all. Check out this amazing trio of talented artists. You won't be disappointed!

Bright, fun pop music reminiscient of Bjorn. But listen carefully, her candy-coated lyrics contain subtle doses of irony. I love sarcasm served up sweet.

Justin Nozuka
Folksy-rock that reminds me of Jack Johnson with a little more kick. It took me a while to get into his sound, and I'm still a bit on the fence... It's good. Not great.

Missy Higgins
Soulful, acoustic, lyrical and poetic. She's my favorite of the bunch because of her clear, powerful voice that breaks at just the right times. Her breathing is part of the music. Know what I mean?


  1. i've only ever heard of missy higgins, but i've never heard her music. although your poetic nature of description makes me want to listen to it!

    my new current favorite is adele. she's kind of r&b but with a crazy-cool voice and lots of guitar and body-swaying rhythm. my all-time favorite :) is alli rogers - if you ever get a chance, listen to her! amazing lyricist, beautiful sweet voice, terrific folksy sound. here is how pandora describes her music:
    mellow rock instrumentation
    acoustic rhythm piano
    acoustic sonority
    a vocal-centric aesthetic
    major key tonality
    solo strings.

    glad no one stole your car this time! what a crappy end to a concert....

  2. Oooh, I love music recommendations. Adele and Alli Rogers are on my list! Since my music tastes are pretty eclectic, I love iTunes Genius, but nothing replaces a good old-fashioned "thumbs-up" from a friend. Thanks!

  3. i love itunes genius too! But what I love about Pandora is that either on my computer or my ipod, i turn on pandora, pick a station, and i'm suddenly introduced to new artists playing music in a style I know I like, and its music I generally haven't heard before, so its not all music on my ipod. I switch between genius and pandora a lot at work, it makes the music not repetitive!