Saturday, September 29, 2007


Aaron and I have been married for nearly eight and a half years now and I thought I had him all figured out... Then last night he sprung a HUGE surprise on me and suddenly I'm falling for him all over again. Who knew he was capable of such lovely deviousness???

Last night we went out for supper with friends. Totally standard Friday night routine. Well, sort-of. It's not always easy to get sitters for the kids. But last night we had babysitters and glorious freedom! Until the girl who was babysitting our friend's kids called to say one of their sweethearts was throwing up everywhere. Of course, it stood to reason. All the other kids had the stomach flu this week except for him. So, off for home. Sigh. Fun night out cut short. But then Aaron had to stop at the new Holiday Inn Express and Suites to drop off a deposit check for a spiritual gifts seminar. It was right on our way home... It would only take a minute... I've never seen it before and I was more than willing to accompany him inside to check out the decor... Imagine me: totally oblivious and innocent of his deceit until I catch a glimpse of a huge poster with--what's that? An upside down chick? I'd know that baby blue cover ANYWHERE! Aaron had to drag me the rest of the way to the conference room.

Oh my goodness, a book launch/birthday party. Up until last night Aaron has never surprised me with anything. Instead, I always hear a few days before my birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day (pick your holiday/event): "I just have to tell you what I got you!" And against my arguments otherwise, he proceeds to tell me. It's so endearing. But he didn't do that this time. No, this time I got serenaded with "Happy Birthday" and "Happy Book-Launching" by 75ish friends and family. 100? I lost count. Thanks, Dad, for that well-timed glass of wine. I needed it.

And though I sound sheepish (I am!), I'm also so thankful and so overwhelmed by such a fun, fun night. A good friend of ours catered amazing tapas and finger-foods including baked brie, smoked salmon on ciabatta bread with capers and herbed cream cheese, steak flatbread, dark chocolate covered in macerated berries, and other amazing delicacies. I'm still nibbling olives and proscuitto from our refrigerator. My Dad kept everyone's glass filled with a wonderful Chardonnay/Viognior or Pinot Noir. My Mom made the room beautiful. All my friends and family made it so much fun. And Aaron surprised me like I have never been surprised before.

To say I had a wonderful time would be a ridiculous understatement. So instead of trying to express how amazing it was, I'll just say: Thank you. I am so blessed.

PS - It's not my birthday yet! Aaron threw me a party two weeks early so I wouldn't suspect a thing. And I didn't--but don't you dare call me 30 just yet. I think I've decided I'll be eternally 29...

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