Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Halfway through the blog tour...

One of the best things about this new writing gig is all the incredible people that I get to meet. I suppose it started nearly 18 months ago when I got an email from the lovely Becky at Tyndale. She liked the first 50 pages of my book! Can you imagine? Since then I've had the opportunity to fly out to Chicago to meet many more people at Tyndale (they are all so amazing), as well as "meet" online numerous reviewers, critics, agents, and people I totally consider newfound friends. How fun is that?

I guess I'm getting a little carried away reminding you that the next stop on my blog tour is Amanda's website, A Patchwork of Books. Not only is Amanda adorable, but she loves books--loves, loves them. Is crazy about them. Her reading lists astound me! Oh to be able to devour books like this girl can... Anyway, Amanda was sweet enough to make room for After the Leaves Fall in her schedule, and I am honored that she was willing to host me this week. I have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know her through email and her blog. Check it out! She's a sweetheart, you don't want to miss this one.

Also, I have to post a link to Carrie's site again. I had a booksigning in a nearby town this past Friday and Carrie dropped by! It was so much fun to meet her in person after all our internet correspondence. What a wonderful woman. Anyway, someone snapped a photo of the two of us at the signing. I'll have to print that one off and save it forever. It's my first booksigning picture!


  1. Nicole,

    I've been thinking of you the last couple days and wondering how JD is going. Such a busy and exciting time for you!

  2. A blog book tour is such a good idea! I've never seen that done before.

  3. Hi Nicole! I just found your blog but haven't read through it yet, but i wanted to leave a comment that I picked up your new book at Lifeway yesterday and have read the first chapter. I LOVE it so far! I'm about to get in bed and read some more. I think you are a wonderful writer!!!

    May the Lord bless you so much!