Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Book Is Out!

So Aaron and I went out on a date yesterday and guess what we found? My book!

We had stopped in a local bookstore to drop off an ARC for the manager, and afterwards we stuck around to do a little shopping. All of the sudden, Aaron grabbed my arm and swung me around. “Look,” he said, in one of those low voices that I know better than to argue with. And there it was, in all its baby-blue glory. Four of them to be exact. All pretty and facing outward and begging to be bought. He-he-he!

What a bizarre feeling. But very, very cool. A little strange, too, that we had stood only five feet away from the book while the manager oohed and aahed over the Advanced Reader Copy. The real thing was on his shelf!

Well, I was a little confused, so I emailed my marketing manager today and that’s it, the books are out. Wow. I thought I had a few more weeks to sit on this. But how exciting! After the Leaves Fall could be in a store near you even as you read this. I guess that means those of you who ordered it via Amazon or Target could get it any day now…? Oh, and I have to tell you this since we’re talking about pre-ordering the book--Aaron stumbled across some bizarre stat the other day that told him After the Leaves Fall is the 197th most pre-ordered Christian book of 2007. Yeah baby, now there’s an honor! Too funny…

Anyway, the wait is over. Who knows what God will do from here.

One last thing. As promised, the unabridged blog tour list:

1 ~ Sept. 3-7 (
Carrie at “With all I have been given…”)
2 ~ Sept. 10-14 (
Becky at “In the Pages”)
3 ~ Sept. 17-21 (
Amy at “Pretty Shiny”)
4 ~ Sept. 24-28 (
Laurel Wreath at “Laurel Wreath’s Reflections”)
5 ~ Oct. 1-5 (Amanda at “A Patchwork of Books”)
6 ~ Oct. 8-12 (Becky
at “Becky’s Christian Reviews”)
7 ~ Oct. 15-19 (Novel Reviews)
8 ~ Oct. 22-26 (Miriam at “In His Grip”)
9 ~ Oct. 29 - Nov. 2 (Sally Bradley)
10 ~ Nov. 5-9 (
Deena at “A Peek at My Bookshelf”)


  1. PRAISE GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nicole,

    That is exciting!

    Guess the copies I'm sending won't be so "advanced"!

  3. Congratulations! Found your site through Becky's blog. Can't wait to get a copy of your book, and maybe sometime we can meet at an adoption meeting, since occationally I go to the same ones!

  4. Congrats, Nicole! I can't imagine how thrilling that must be.