Monday, September 17, 2007


I feel like I am so busy right now, so caught with my fingers in every little pot I can stick them into, that I can’t form a coherent thought. Much less a coherent blog. Thus I am going to go with it. Welcome to random musings…

-Last week marked my first “back to work” day. I made myself comfy in a corner of my favorite coffee shop and turned on my I-pod so loud I’m sure I annoyed passers-by. I wrote and wrote and wrote. Nearly twelve pages in just over two hours to be exact. It was SO FUN. So fulfilling and rewarding, and a great reminder of why I write: because I love to do it. Best of all, my head was bent over my computer and my mind in another universe when I was startled by a sunflower poking in my eye. I looked up to see Isaac clutching a bouquet of flowers that was almost as big as him. As I’m pulling out my headphones I hear him say: “These are for you, mommy, because we love you! Happy birthday!” It’s not my birthday, but Aaron later explained that when he asked Isaac what he wanted to do with his “boys only” morning, Isaac answered: “Buy flowers for mom.” What a great kid! Can he stay three forever?

-We went to the county fair on Friday and had way too much fun. My dad has been taking me to the fair since I was a little girl… We always go on the last Friday of the fair and we always make a date out of it. When I was in high school I even got to skip my afternoon classes just so we wouldn’t have to miss the Arabian horse show. Dad and I would try to pick the best of class (sometimes we were even right) and then we’d eat junk food until we were sick. Nothing can beat a bag of Tom Thumb Donuts! For the past three years, Isaac has come along, and this year Aaron and Judah also joined us. Isaac had to watch the Big Cats show twice and he laughed just as hard the second time as he did the first. Dad and I decided the whole troop can come along next year, but we’re still going in the horse buildings--too bad if Aaron is afraid of horses. He’ll get over it.

-I have lots of readings/booksignings coming up and I have to admit I don’t know how I feel about it. I don’t want to be unnecessarily sensitive, but something feels very weird about autographing my books. My cousin’s sweet little son came up to me the other day and said, “May I have your autograph, Auntie Niki?” He had been prompted to do so, and it was terribly cute, but it also felt strange. Why would anyone want my illegible signature in their book? It just messes up the nice first page.

Well, that’s a taste of all the things that are running through my mind right now. I’ll write more soon about Christ Is Our Hope, and I’ll post a list of the bookstores and libraries that I’ll be visiting in the coming weeks. In the meantime, let me leave you with a link to the next stop on my blog tour:

Amy has graciously agreed to host this week. I only know her though the emails we’ve shared recently, but she seems like an amazing woman. I hope you enjoy reading our interview and browsing the rest of her blog!

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  1. I love randomness! I do it all the time, sometimes there's acutally a coherent thought inside it! Have a great week!