Monday, September 10, 2007

Next Blog Tour Stop

Time for another stop on the blog tour! This week I am hanging out with Becky at "In The Pages." Though Becky is a librarian and book lover, we actually did not meet via our shared bookish world. Instead, we first ran into each other at a support group meeting for adoptive parents! Becky is the mother of a beautiful daughter from China (with another one on the way). I admire her as a mom and as an amazing woman of God. One of my favorite things about her is that I keep running into people who say to me, "Do you know Becky? You would just love her--she's so great!" And it's true. Head on over to Becky's blog and check out our little chat. But don't stop there, be sure to spend some time perusing her book picks. She has a brilliant mind and a great eye for a good read. (And I'm not just talking about After the Leaves Fall!)

PS - Tomorrow I'll have the complete blog tour list up and running!

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