Saturday, March 20, 2010

Things that made me smile this week...

Chocolate Cheerios. My new addiction.

Estee Lauder's Bronze Goddess perfume. Honestly, it smells so yummy I think I could eat it.

Sunshine, new shoots, bumblebees (yes, I saw one with my own eyes), and puddles for jumping.
I love spring!

Parenthood, the new TV show. So funny and real and heartbreaking all at the same time.

Painting my toenails shell pink so that I can wear sandals for the first time in months.

The Help, by Kathryn Stockett. Haven't read it yet? Get thee to a bookstore!

Buying my first baby thing: a onesie that says, "I love my mommy."

Your comments on my "news" posts. THANK YOU. :)

*     *     *

Your turn: What made you smile this week?


  1. I'm loving Parenthood also. And your description is the best way to describe it. Thanks for the book rec also. I haven't heard of that one, but am putting it on my to read list.

  2. The Help is sitting in the middle of this ginormous stack of books on my bookshelf...all waiting to be read. Maybe I ought to let it cut in line.

    What makes me smile? My son blowing kisses to an old lady at the grocery store. It made her day. Hearing from my agent that my manuscript is going to pub board in mid April....that makes me smile and freak out at the same time.

    And what makes me smile in an exasperated sort of way? The fact that the little man and I were playing outside with bare feet yesterday, and this morning I wake up to snow on the ground. Only in Iowa, right?

  3. Coming home from a sunny, warm vacation spot to a mild Minnesota spring day. It made acclimation a little easier!

    Sunshiny walks after work.

    Phone calls from friends.

    Bagpipes on St. Patrick's Day.

    Celebrating my friend's birthday with her.

    My niece's first sleepover birthday party - complete with a concert for the grown-up girls upstairs!

  4. Amy, you'll love "The Help!" I can't say enough good things...

    Katie, congratulations! Pub board is huge. :) Can't wait to hear more details about this exciting development in your writing career!

    Danette, I'm jealous of your sunny, warm vacation. Good thing the sun is shining and the earth is beginning to show life in the Midwest!

    As always, thanks for sharing...

  5. I read "The Help" a few months ago and loved it!

    Right now I'm loving that I finally got some antibiotics for this lovely spring ear infection! :) I am also really loving for helping me finally put together Aliya's baby scrapbooks! At long last, I have accepted the fact that I will never have enough time or desire to do a traditional scrapbook by hand. Yay for Shutterfly!


    P.S. I love the little onesie!

  6. LOVED The Help - probably my favorite book in the last year.

    I've been watching "Parenthood" too. Isn't Lauren Graham just gorgeous?

    Still on a quest to find my new perfume; so far I'm 0 for 4. It's only a matter of time before Sephora gives me the boot, I'm sure.

    Things that made me smile this week [I'm glad you asked, because I need the reminder]:

    :: Homemade waffles, real butter, & Grade B maple syrup from Vermont.

    :: The kids making friends in the grocery store, eagerly trading information about themselves and their families. The little girl gave Keira a fruit snack as we left.

    :: Jakob blowing me a kiss as he left for school - unprompted.

    :: Getting my hair done.

    :: Keira falling asleep on me today.

    :: Getting an amazing, heartfelt shoutout & love from a "cool kid" blogger to whom I spilled my guts.

    :: Sunshine.

    :: Watching "The Office" with a friend and sharing the laughter, b/c that makes it so much better.

  7. I've been wanting to buy The Help forever now, but I just haven't gotten around to it yet. It's on Amazon for $9.50, which is practically a steal in hardcover! What am I waiting for? Lol.

    It made me smile today that I actually drove to my apartment after work and unearthed a speck of joy in being in the city. The city is NOT my favorite place, I much prefer the rural, small town scenery. Maybe it's just because it's Spring now...

  8. Hi Angela, Shutterfly rocks! I tried the scrapbooking thing, but I'm not nearly crafy enough. The online books are sooooo much easier and way cheaper, too. I'm with you: Yay for Shutterfly!

    caoilinn, try Sexy Little Things Noir by Victoria's Secret. It's my all-time favorite perfume. I'm cheating on it with Bronze Goddess, but I needed to mix things up a bit. Don't tell anyone.

    Lauren, enjoy the city while you're in it! I'm a small town, rural girl by nature, too, but I do miss my city days... The grass is always greener. ;)

  9. Driving home from work I listen to "live with Criswell, a Christian talk show on KCBI 90.9. the host. Barry Creamer, the host is a riot. He is fun to listen to and I sometimes laugh out loud in my car! Plus he tackles some tough issues with grit and grace!