Thursday, March 4, 2010

10 things I bet you don't know about me...

1. I hate pop. Always have, always will. When I was a kid the carbonation hurt my nose, and now that I'm grown and can handle a little fizz, I hate the syrupy, sugary taste. Gross!

2. I was a late bloomer (to put it nicely). My pre-teen and teen years were a nightmare of chicken legs, coke-bottle glasses, buck teeth, and painful timidity. I'm no ugly duckling turned beautiful swan, but it is nice to have settled into myself. Though I do still feel like that awkward little girl sometimes.

3. I love rollercoasters.

4. I'm addicted to brushing my teeth. I have a professional grade SonicCare toothbrush and the Clean setting is not enough for me. I have to use it twice.

5. I skipped second grade.

6. My lifelong dream was to be published by the age of 30. I realized my dream with a little over a month to spare.

7. I can't cut my hair. When I was that gangly thirteen-year-old, I believed my only beauty was my hair. I have a strange attachment to it...

8. When I was little I longed to be a nun. I think The Sound of Music may have fueled that ridiculous dream. :)

9. My grandfather was in the cavalry in WWII. He trained horses, and so did my dad. I grew up around Arabians, and harbor the not-so-secret desire to own land and a few horses someday. Ironically, my husband is terrified of horses.

10. I almost flunked Chemistry 103 in college. Well, I failed every test but got A's on every lab. It worked out to a pretty solid C, but I realized that my hope of becoming a large animal veterinarian was probably a pipe dream.

Your turn! Tell me something I don't know about you... :)


  1. When I was in high school people thought I was anorexic or had some kind of eating disorder. My best friend in high school and I did cheerleading - she was on JV and I was on Varsity. My friend told me one of the girls on the JV squad was talking about me one day to some other JV girls, and told them that I had a problem with my weight. When I was in middle school I had fainting spells; they still happen, but very rarely anymore. Because of that, and because I've always been on the small side, people assumed that I had an eating disorder, when really I didn't. It never really affected me, though. I was aware enough in high school to know that I couldn't care about what other people were saying about me, and I think mostly it was because I knew that it wasn't true, so I didn't worry about what anyone else was saying because I knew they were wrong.

  2. At 3 years old I could recite all the books of the Bible ;-)

  3. That's so cute, Rel! My 3 year old just figured out The Lord's Prayer. It steals my heart. :)

    Lauren, I had a comment from you that disappeared... Sorry, I don't know what happened, but I didn't want you to think that I censored you!

  4. Oops. There it is, Lauren. Weird...

  5. 1)I talk in my sleep. My husband can ask me any questions when I am sleeping and I will answer him. It's better than truth serum. And I don't remember what I have said when I wake up.

    2) I love water! Rivers, lakes, oceans - I love canoeing on them (being a Canadian), sailing or cruising. But I'm terrified of water, of getting in over my head as I'm not a strong swimmer.

    3)I've waged a personal war against mediocrity since I was in my teens. Sometimes I think I'm losing the battle.

  6. 1)I beat all the guys in my class at arm wrestling in 6th grade.

    2)Despite my storehouse of useless facts and trivia, I've tried out for Jeopardy twice and didn't get past the entrance exam either time. Must have been the sections on opera...

    3)I was determined NOT to be with my husband, and he was determined not to be interested in me. God had other plans. : )

  7. Doris, I talk in my sleep, too! I've agreed to all sorts of things that I never would have said yes to if I was conscious...

    Susan, you rock. Eternal coolness for beating a bunch of 6th grade boys at their own game! :)

  8. Those are great! You are too a beautiful swan!

    Something you don't know about me? I went to a reading specialist through second grade because my teachers thought I had dyslexia. No idea what that was about. But I loved reading with Mrs. Detmering. :)