Thursday, March 18, 2010

More News...

I had my 21 week ultrasound last week. What an awesome, awe-inspiring experience. Though I had ultrasounds with the babies I lost, I haven't seen a baby this big, this perfect and whole since I saw my oldest son on the ultrasound machine seven years ago. Yup, the last time I carried a babe this far was seven years ago. No wonder I feel like an old woman this time around--I am one!

While I'm beyond ecstatic to tell you that the baby is healthy and well, I did have some bummer news at the appointment. I've been having contractions, and my peri is making me limit my activity. Boo. No more working out for me, and I especially have to avoid pilates or any core work. I'm a little blue because I loved staying active in my first pregnancy. I felt like it helped me prepare for labor, and made my recovery quicker after the baby was born. But, of course, I'm being a good girl... This baby means more to me than a few months of exercise! Besides, I can still walk.

Anyway, I thought I'd share a real, live picture of the wee one. Yikes. Wish I was that flexible. ;)

And here is one of pregnant me taken yesterday. Twenty-two weeks! Over halfway there... Too bad I'm standing in front of a dark chair. The baby bump is kind of hidden. Oh well, I'll post more when I'm huge and beached whale-ish. ;)


  1. How wonderful! I think carrying a child is such a miraculous (almost bizarre!) thing! Makes me want to be preggo again. You're one gorgeous pregnant lady, Nicole!

  2. You can definitely tell how happy you are about this baby. Your face just shines! :)

  3. Katie, it is miraculous! And bizarre... This baby is very active and it's so strange to feel the little one moving, moving, moving... ;)

    Lauren, if I'm shiny, it's because I'm HOT. Pregnancy makes me feel like I'm burning up all the time! Yikes. Just wait until it's 95 and humid this summer. I think I'll live at the pool!

  4. OK, You are most definitely NOT old!
    And I am so excited for you! I'm going to live vicariously through you during this as I'm dying to have another baby, but it's not possible right now (mostly due to the fact that my husband needs to be around).
    You are, indeed, glowing and gorgeous :o)