Tuesday, May 6, 2008

100th Post!

For a self-professed non-blogger, I have to admit that I am more than a little blown away by the fact that I have reached my 100th post. Who knew I was capable of babbling on so endlessly? You, I suppose. Anyway, in honor of this momentous occasion, I've decided to collect some fun facts from a gauntlet with a gift in it. (You didn't know that was the name of my blog, did you?)

* * *

First post:
A Writing Journal - I (actually an excerpt from my journal)

Funniest post (I think):
Just for fun... (vacation quotes)

Biggest confession in a post:
What is it about Harry? (I love Harry Potter!)

Longest post:
Feeling Pressured (all about our involvement in Liberia)

"Greenest" post:
Global Warming (a tribute to my fledgling tree-hugger tendencies)

Yummiest post:
Apple Recipe (you know you wanna try it)

Raciest post:
Naked in Love (find out for yourself)

* * *

Well, it's been a fun year. 100 posts a year. Does that mean I'll hit the 200 mark next spring? That's a scary thought. Anyway, as a little 100th post present to me, I would love it if you would leave a comment and say "hello." It would be fun to see who (if anyone!) is reading...

Have a lovely week.

*Just for the fun of it, here are some 100 post stats from a gauntlet with a gift in it. As of this morning, there have been 5,883 visitors to my blog and 11,843 page views. That's approximately 22 visits and 46 page views a day. 1,196 people have viewed my complete profile. And (this is my favorite part) friends from Nigeria, Turkey, Australia, and the Netherlands regularly visit the site. Hello to all my Dutch family! Thanks for stopping by.*


  1. I'm here, Nicole. Waving across the fields . . .

  2. Hi Nicole! I read your blog regularly. I meant to comment earlier, but time just got away from me! I read Summer Snow a few weeks ago and LOVED it. It competely grabbed and held me all the way through.
    Congrats on your 100th post!

  3. And of course your friends up in Canada all read your blogs! :) I may not communicate regularly, but I can cheat by keeping up with the Baarts via your blogs. Guess I gotta email to fill you in on the Cruson end of things, eh?! (Had to get that EH in!)

  4. Nicole, I will always eagerly read anything you write...

  5. Happy 100th...may you continue to enjoy the blog world!