Saturday, March 17, 2007

A Writing Journal VI

April 5, 2006
At Earl’s in Langley.


“… {belief} is the willing suspension of disbelief…” Coleridge

How these words make perfect sense to me! How I long to believe in things that don’t make sense--to ignore what I think I know to be true and allow God to reveal to me his perfect, mysterious truth.

And how remarkable (and surprisingly obvious) that I do exactly that every single day in loving a God that defies all explanation and reason. How perfectly lovely, how like God, to make that creative, yearning, aching part of me--that dangerous, artsy (read: four-letter word), maybe even “un-Christian” part--a reflection of his very essence. There is no need for me to fear it, be ashamed of it, or suppress it. It is beautiful. It is of God. There is no part of me that is whole without it. And he made me that way.


Best of all, he promises that all things are possible--even the things I thought were impossible--through him. I can hold a burning coal in my hand. I can be more than I ever imagined. I can write my soul as living reflection of my deep love for him… through and with and in God and God alone.

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