Monday, November 22, 2010

You know you're a mom if...

After a long and beautiful (sunny and warm) autumn, winter has finally hit the midwest. We woke up this morning to a wonderful world of ice--and no school. Apparently the roads are better suited for ice-skating than driving. Anyway, in addition to my three boys, I'm watching a friend's kids this morning--and marveling at the amazing women who have five or more kids. Kudos to you! My mommy hat is off to you.

So far this morning we've baked muffins, read books, played Playmobil, made a train, danced to Go Fish, and fed our stuffed animals a morning snack (and the kids, too!). Right now I'm enjoying a little break as we're all cuddled on the couch watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Do you know the hot dog dance? You should. It would enrich your life in ways you can only begin to imagine. ;)

In case you haven't already picked this up, I've got motherhood on my mind today. And thanks to The Mom Song by Go Fish, I'm thinking about all the things that motherhood is. So, this is my version.

You know you're a mom if...

-Easy-peasy lemon-squeezy is a part of your everyday vocabulary.

-The "S" word and "F" word are banned in your home. Of course, the "S" word is "stupid" and the "F" word is "fart."

-You sometimes go an entire day without peering once into a mirror. And when you do, it's downright scary.

-A shower is a mini-vacation.

-You're so exhausted you could sleep through a fire alarm, but if your infant so much as rolls over in his crib, you're wide awake and at his side in two seconds flat.

-You spend more time talking about the frequency, consistency, and ease with which your child goes poo than any other topic of conversation in your repertoire.

-You get more hugs, kisses, snuggles, and love in one day than all the years before you became a parent combined.

-You wouldn't trade it (all of it--the moments when they're sleeping like angels and the ones when you wish a traveling band of gypsies was wandering past your front door) for anything.

Your turn! Finish the sentence: You know you're a mom if....


  1. First of all, the hot dog dance is the reason why we had a Mickey-themed birthday party for my son :-) And yes, we served hot dogs!

    I would say you know you're a mother if when your children are sick, you would gladly take all their symptoms and pain yourself just so they wouldn't have to be so miserable.

    Also, you know you're a mother if you find yourself singing the theme to "Super Why" on your commute to work...or telling your son, "Be a good little monkey" (we're big Curious George fans at our house).


  2. Ah, the Hot Dog Dance... :)

    I'd say you know your a mom when you use your "parenting" vocabulary when you're out with adults without even thinking (eg "Excuse me, I just have to go potty.")

    Also you know your a mom when you've seen your child's favourite movie so often you know all the dialogue and can practically act out the whole thing by yourself.

  3. yes, yes and yes! I savor a shower even if its at 10pm...and my kids bedtime stories always come before whatever I want to do...and I would walk through fire for my kids.

    Jeremiah really wants a play date with your son...we should synch our planners. :)

  4. I'm so glad you all know the hot dog dance! There were five of us in front of the TV this morning dancing our hearts out. You really should see my son--he can groove!

    Tracy, I can't agree more. I HATE it when my kids are sick. I'm often in more pain than they are--and it's purely emotional.

    Monika, not only do I use my parenting vocabulary, I often mimic the "mommy tone" so that I end up talking to my husband like he's three. Poor guy.

    Nikolyn, a play date would be great! My calendar is pretty open--and so is his. ;)

  5. you know you are a mom when...

    PDO(those of you from NW Iowa will know what I am talking about)functions as your lip balm

    Your kids as you why you are dressed so pretty when you put on a pair of jeans and a sweater

    To avoid lots of crying, you have to sneak out the front door when leaving your house for a 10 minute grocery run.

    I am feeling really out of the loop, because I know nothing about the hot dog dance. However, I would challenge any one of you to a game of "Name that Laurie Berkner Tune".

    Love, love this post Nicole!

  6. So funny, Becca! Thanks for sharing. :) I can really relate to the mommy version of getting dressed up. I donned a dress for church a couple weeks ago and when my four-year-old saw me he got this look of pure awe on his face. "Wow, Mom," he said. "You're a princess." As you can tell, they don't often see me in a skirt!

  7. ...if you are willing to wipe your child's nose off with your own finger, cuz if you don't have their germs by now, you aren't getting them.

    You made my day...and I want to share something on the "s" word. We had TWO "s" words: stupid and shutup (as I feel there are many more creative words to tell people to be quiet). So one day, when our five were all between the ages of 2 and 8 (yes, they are all that close) patience had died, my tolerance levels had capped and my ability to remain kind had ceased to exist long ago. We were in the car and they were all just being loud and whiney and altogether too much for my frayed nerves and I yelled out over the noise "would y'all just shut UP for a few minutes???".
    Yes, the silence spread like melted butter and lasted for the next 20 minutes till we were home. I unbuckle them all from their carseats and set them free to run inside to Daddy...where they all begin to cry and rat me out "Sheeeee screamed the "s" word at uuuuusssss..."
    Apologies ran deep that night, as I felt the need to kneel by each bed and ask forgiveness for "cursing" at them...all while trying to keep a straight face as they pondered before granting thier pardons.
    Good times, good times.
    :0) Happy Thanksgiving, Nicole, to you and yours!