Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Random Thoughts...

I'm in a weird mood, so you're stuck with a bizarre rant today. Remember Deep Thoughts with Jack Handey? Any SNL fans out there? Well, consider this my take on his surreal one-liners. Without further ado, random thoughts, fears, observations, trivialities, and musings...

- Cryptic Facebook status updates suck.

- I love British slang. Bollucks, codswallop, and whinge... scrummy and snookered and twee, oh my!

- Believe it or not, Shel Silverstein is even funnier as a parent. My kids adore him, but for me it's true love.

- "Getting in shape" is a slippery, impossible thing that ranks down there with "achieving self-actualization." Sorry, never gonna happen.

- I'm not sure life would be worth living without chocolate. And steak and warm cookies and beer.

- I think my children are smarter than me. I still add on my fingers...

- I don't doubt God, but sometimes I doubt his love for me.

- Everyone needs a little silence in their day. Five minutes without background noise--no television, radio, cell phone, chatter, the rhythmic clicking of your fingernails on the keyboard... Just stillness.

Your turn. What random thought is stuck in your craw today? 


  1. I wear my sunglasses on my head more than my eyes. Why do I do that??!!

  2. I love British slang, too. Cheeky is my favorite word. I must use it a lot because my 2-year old is starting to pick up on it.

    My random thought: Why doesn't my beef stew ever turn out when I use the crock pot? I can make a great pot of it on the stove, but the crock pot? Too watery. Wasn't the crock pot invented to make life easier? My wannabe-foodie ego is deflated.


  3. Chocolate IS impossible to live without!

    I also add on my fingers (you know that though)!

    I think I should basically be able to eat what I want since running after my one year old boy is like exercising ALL day!


  4. I LOVE Jack Handy! Whenever my brother or I say somethign random, we'll still look at each other and say, "Deep Jack Handy."
    That was back in the day when SNL was awesome.

    I like your deep thoughts. My hubby would you like you. He's a fan of beer. He sells for Budweiser and loves an ice cold beer every now and then. Me? I think it tastes like gasoline.

    Not sure if wonky is a British word. I'm pretty sure I got it from Harry Potter, so it has to be British, right? I use that word a lot.

    Random thoughts....we supposedly spend 7 years of our lives waiting in line. This number used to freak me out. But then I thought, we probably spend the majority of our lives waiting for something - whether in line or not. Waiting to get older. Waiting for the weekend. Waiting for our dreams to come true. If I don't want to wish my life away, I better make friends with waiting. Embrace it instead of wagging my fist at it.

  5. Two things I've been thinking about a lot lately:

    1. I often think that, should I ever get my book finished, it may be the only one I ever get out of me.

    2. Sometimes I'm afraid to read anything other than my favorite books because I come across too many that are just mediocre. (Don't worry, Nicole, all three of yours are on my favorites list!) :p

  6. I just keep thinking how either my underwear is shrinking or something else very much is not.

    My behind is like the Grinch's heart--it grows three sizes with each kid!
    ~ Wendy

  7. mine is a question: How can I crave more peace and quiet, more time alone and with adults, and yet want so badly to add more kids to my home through adoption. How is it possible to be so torn?

  8. Random thoughts:
    - Why is it so hard to motivate myself to do simple things? All I want to do is relax, when I know I should be doing other stuff.
    - What is so addicting about any sweet food that you can never have just a little?
    - Why are we always chasing after imaginary pots of gold at the end of a rainbow when we're forgetting that admist the storm a miracle is taking place?