Saturday, May 29, 2010

A note of apology

Dear Readers,

I'm sorry that I did not blog today, and I'm especially sorry that I did not announce the winner of the book giveaway. You see, it was sunny and gorgeous in my neck of the woods... The sort of early summer day when (8 months pregnant or not) I couldn't bring myself to stay cooped up inside with my eyes glued to a computer screen. Instead of flipping open my lovely laptop, I spent the day planting flowers, helping my sons wash their bikes with the garden hose (you can imagine how much "washing" we got done), scrubbing our car seat and stroller in preparation for little Baart Baby, and playing at the pool. Whew. I am exhausted. It's time for me to heave my big baby belly into a cold shower and then off to bed. Nothing in all the world sounds quite so sweet right now as the cool side of my comfy pillow. Mmmm... pillow... Night-night. Sleep tight. I'll blog on Tuesday (have a happy Memorial Day on Monday!) and announce the winner then. Guess that means if you haven't told me a bit about yourself (look back two posts to the one titled Journeying Together) you still have time to participate in the giveaway. As for the rest of you, thanks for understanding. :)


1 comment:

  1. Rest up, girl! Hope you have a good weekend and a fun, safe Memorial Day. :)