Thursday, May 13, 2010

Have a God Day

My kindergartner is a budding linguist. Of course, my husband thinks our firstborn is bound to be a pastor--the sort of wordsmith who spins lyrical stories and inspires multitudes from behind a pulpit. (Which is kind of ironic because I can't remember the last time Aaron stood behind a pulpit to preach...) And I'd like to imagine that our son is going to be a novelist, a writer whose talent far exceeds my own. But for now, our sweetheart is learning big words like evaporation, incubator, and vocabulary. Not to mention the fine art of stringing letters together to make much smaller (but infinitely more satisfying to spell) words. The best part? He leaves letters for us all over the house.

Hi Mom, I love you.

Dear Dad. How are you?

And my personal favorite: Hi Mom, I hope you have a God day.

The first time he wrote that particular note, I was tempted to tell him that he had it wrong. That it was "have a good day", with a double O instead of just one. But he was already finishing up his second letter, and that one also exhorted my husband to have a "God day." (Believe it or not, he even capitalized the G.) All at once I couldn't help but love the so-called mistake.

Sometimes I have good days. Every once in a while I have a bad day. Most of my days are pretty normal. Fine. Okay. Average. But I love the idea that no matter what sort of a day I have, it is always a God day. And it is, no matter where my heart or mind happen to be. I love it when God uses my kids to remind me of a basic truth, something I may have forgotten because I don't often take the time to pay attention to the small things.

I haven't corrected him. And our house is filled with letters that remind us to "have a God day." I wish you the same.


  1. beautiful thought. I'll have a God day myself, thank you!

  2. That is so cute! It is amazing the little ways that God works, especially through kids. So sweet. :)

  3. I'm convinced that if we took the time to listen to our kids (something I forget to do sometimes because life gets so busy... and, let's face it, much of the time they are talking about bodily functions and/or the great joy of smashing Hot Wheels cars together) we'd have a lot more joy in our lives!

  4. Great post. And "Amen" to your follow-up comment above, Nicole! =) Stan

  5. Oh that is just beautiful!!!