Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Up to Speed

I'm going to take a little time today to clear up some odds and ends. It's been a while since I've blogged because our family... (wait for it)... finally got sick! I've been bragging that we're so healthy this year--and of course, no sooner are the words out of my mouth than my oldest spikes a fever. Poetic justice, I suppose. Anyway, I've hardly left the house much less spent time on the numerous projects I've got on the go. Including my blog. Sorry for the silence.

Anyway, I'm a bit bummed to see that only seven people have commented on Lisa's post! I don't think you realize how amazing this book (and this author) are. Come on, winning a free book would be like getting a Christmas present before December! Like treating yourself to a much needed mani-pedi! Like taking a bubble bath for hours on end replete with champagne and strawberries! Like raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens... I'm babbling. Just go back to the Lisa McKay post and leave a comment. I'll draw a winner tomorrow (Wednesday) at noon.

Also, I wanted to take a few minutes to revisit my musings on the contemplative life. It seems that this is a theme I keep coming back to--both in my blog and in my day-to-day life. I guess I really do long for simplicity. At any rate, I believe that these sorts of undertakings (like most anything in life) are better explored within the context of community. So you're my on-line community, and I'm going to share some of the changes I'm making with you.

After much prayer and contemplation, I've decided that there are some very specific things I can do to slow myself down. Here are a few that I'm committed to:

*I will spend no more than 45 minutes on the internet every day. This is a big thing for me--I tend to get sucked into the abyss that is the world wide web. Doing what? you ask. Here's the kicker: I have absolutely no idea. Reading blogs, checking my email, goofing around on Facebook. What a waste of time. My new mantra is: Do what you need to do as quickly as you can do it and get out! So far, it's been awesome. I spent an hour yesterday playing hockey with my boys instead of staring at my computer screen.

*I will shut off all electronics at 10:00pm. Computer, TV, iPod... you name it. The Baarts go unplugged at 10. That leaves me time to read, talk with my husband, take a long bath, or go to bed early.

*I will focus on meaningful face-to-face contact whenever I can. Our high tech society makes it so easy to hold our friends and family at arm's length. I commit to chosing the phone conversation over the quick email as much as possible, and I commit to making face-to-face interactions my top priority.

*I will stop being so hard on myself. I'm the queen of family meals--it means a lot to me that our family comes together at the end of every day and has a meal together. But I need to realize that it doesn't have to be gourmet every night. My son told his teacher a few days ago that so far this week we had eaten French, Korean, and Thai. She told me, "Wow! You're a busy mom!" It was a moment of epiphany for me. At least once a week I think the Baarts would survive with sandwiches and soup (from a can--gasp!). Of course, this is just one area where I need to lighten up, but you get the picture.

Okay, so there are a few things I'm working on. How about you? Do you have any tips, tricks, or ideas for a woman seeking a little simplicity? I'd love to hear what works for you.


  1. I bought a new planner today from the hallmark store called "Simplicity: Inspirations for a simpler life." It has gorgeous pictures. I go back to work next week after 3 months home with Precious Maryn. I'll try to post the simplicity quotes on my blog once in awhile. blessings for your Thanksgiving holiday.

  2. I cook for a day or two and prepare meals for several weeks at a time, everything is ready to pull out of the freezer and put in the oven. Chicken, turkey, hot dishes and soups, you name it. It makes my life so much easier!