Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Sigh. Retreats are wonderful...

I just got back from a couple of days at a cabin in Minnesota. Amazing company, great conversation, gourmet food, beautiful views, and restful nights all worked together to make me feel like a new person. It was awesome.

I'm so relaxed that I'm not going to worry about blogging right now. Instead, I'll leave you with a few photos and the promise that the November edition of the Grapevine will go up on Thursday. Thanks so much for your patience. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have a bubble bath waiting... ;)

This was just one of the gourmet entrees we enjoyed. It's Mary's special chicken in a white wine and garlic sauce. Sooo yummy. We also had Tosca's Korean ribs and potstickers, crab and asparagus quiche, crepes with Nutella and rasperries, crusty breads, rich soups, and fresh salads. In short, we feasted.

This is the view from an island where we went hiking. The weather was beautiful for November in Minnesota--sunny, still, and almost warm. Well, I thought it was warmish. Mary (a Texan transplant), not so much. :)

Tosca talked me and Mary into posing for a few promo shots. I was stiff as a board and miserable to photograph, but Mary was gorgeous in every way!

Here we are posing for the ten-second timer on my camera. I set it on a park bench, propped it with a stick, and voila! A digital masterpiece.

*     *     *     *     *

Question for you: Where is YOUR favorite place to retreat? I'd love to hear what leaves you feeling refreshed.


  1. Nicole, if you like the beach, I'd suggest Kiawah Island just outside of Charleston, SC. It's so beautiful and extremely family friendly. A great place to recharge. My parents just went for their 9th anniversary (my mom's remarried) and I came along for one weekend. Even a couple of days got me back on track and I was ready to head back to school.

  2. So glad you had a restful time. Good food, friends and conversation always helps to refresh you.

    Me? North Carolina beaches, with a good book of course!

  3. I just had a weekend like that too, food, friends, laughter, discernment and refreshment.

    I feel so refreshed when I feel known.

    Glad you had a place to go and friends to go with!

  4. Oak Grove. Hands down, walking the trails, standing beside the river, noticing big and small details of nature...that's where I go. In the winter I have a spot at the top where I park the car and just sit in silence and watch.

  5. What beautiful pictures! I just finished Tosca's Havah. Wow. I can't stop thinking about it. Thanks for highlighting her on your blog! When I met her at the conference, she said you three were like the three musketeers. Talk about a cabin filled with talent!

  6. Western Washington is a necessity for me. The combination of gorgeous land and loving family puts me at rest.

  7. South Carolina? North Carolina? Sounds like I need to make my very first trek to the East Coast. Can you believe I've never been? Sad, I know. Thanks for the recommendations, Brandi and Sara!

    "I feel so refreshed when I feel known..." You absolutely captured it. That's it: being known. Well said.

    Nikolyn, I love Oak Grove, too! There are several letterboxes there--have you and your kids ever been geocaching? It's soooo fun.

    Katie, isn't Havah amazing? Tosca's so smart it's scary... And I like the thought of us as three musketeers--all for one and one for all. ;)

    LOVE Western Washington... Though I tend to spend more time in Western BC. Same difference. Well, except for the Canadian accent and free healthcare. He-he-he!