Friday, October 23, 2009


I know nobody likes a whiner, but my frayed edges have unraveled so far I'm downright grumpy. The sun won't shine, my kids are feeling cooped up and crazy (me too!), and winter seems soooo long--and it hasn't even officially started!

Anyway, I'm usually a pretty optimistic person, but just this once I feel like indulging my inner... You fill in the blank. Maybe it'll be cathartic. Maybe I'll make myself laugh. Here's hoping.

Without furthur adieu, a list of things I hate.

  • Soggy leaves that turn to sludge on the sidewalk. They're slippery, stinky, and all around miserable. Plus, it's impossible not to track them into the house.
  • Earwigs. Even the name makes my skin crawl. I secretly believe that they can't possibly be a part of God's good creation--they've got to be the brainchild of some mad scientist (heavy on the mad) who intended to use them for the purpose of mind control. I mean, why else would you call them earwigs? Their obvious, sinister intent is to crawl inside our ears and penetrate the inner sanctum of our minds. Thus, I scream and run like a woman possessed whenever I see one.
  • Being stuck in my house. I'm an outside girl, and though I know I'm not made of sugar and won't melt in the rain, enjoying the great outdoors when it's 35 degrees and drizzly isn't much fun. Boo-hoo.
  • Dry hands. Because I wash them so often, my hands get so dry in the fall and winter that they crack at the knuckles when I bend my fingers. Very painful and not much fun.
  • People who complain. And the irony is not lost on me: I'm being a big baby. Whether the sun is shining or not, life is good. There's a puppy curled up on my lap, a child sound asleep upstairs, and my handsome husband is beside me. My house is warm and cozy, I have mint tea in the cupboard and pork thawing for a stir-fry tonight. I'm halfway through a fantastic book, and I have a date with my tub and bubble bath tonight. What right have I to be grumpy? None at all.
Well, I think it worked. Indulge your inner whiner and realize that you have absolutely nothing to whine about. A little humbling, but at least the clouds outside seem just a bit lighter...


  1. I'm an outdoor person too, Nicole, but I really hate winter. I struggle every year because being inside makes me feel uncreative and anxious. So I know where you're at! I hope the sun comes to stay for you soon!

  2. I couln't agree with you more! I typically love a rainy day, but at this point is getting harder and harder to appreciate them.(the "rain" was a bit "thick" today as I drove to school) And yes, I noticed my hands starting to crack yesterday already. But as I come back home to my warm home and get to snuggle in with the kids and play games in the evening, I think to myself, 'This isn't so bad'
    Praying for sunshine, outside, and inside our hearts...

  3. Thank God, I'm not the only one! Sometimes, it takes just getting it all out there, huh? Glad that it helped to write it down. Hoping you have a blessed rest of your day :)

  4. "Their obvious, sinister intent is to crawl inside our ears and penetrate the inner sanctum of our minds. Thus, I scream and run like a woman possessed whenever I see one."

    I just laughed so loud...and I needed the laugh as I too get irritated by complainers only to have God place a mirror in front of my eyes to show me my inner whiner...ya. He's rude like that :)

    Many warm hugs sent to you from California today... Bina

  5. Maybe you should move down here with us Southern folk and feel a 60 degrees breeze in the midst of December. It's refreshing really, after all that cold. :) But I know what you mean. It can get downright chilly - even in SC - and it's such a terd having to walk campus in freezing temps! Not kosher. :(

  6. Off topic - I recently read Moments Between and was excited to see you help out in Liberia. We adopted our son from Liberia in 2007. Keep up the good work.

  7. Being cooped up inside can get rather frustrating and sometimes it is good just to get the whining out to feel a little better. Good for you! Always remember that the sun is shining tho...inside your heart. :-) Steph

  8. Thanks so much for all your encouragement! It's nice to know I'm not the only one who gets a little down in the rain. Thanks for indulging me as I let my inner baby whine. ;)

    Carey, how exciting! We adopted our son from Ethiopia in 2006, and (strangely) our relationship with Liberia began then. Our website is in desperate need of updates, but One Body, One Hope (our non-profit) just started a capital campaign to dig a well on orphanage property, build a second dormitory, a bath house, a security wall, and many other things. It's very exciting! Have you been to Liberia? I'm going in November of 2010, but my husband has already been... Anyway, I could babble for hours about it all. Thanks for making the connection! Do you blog? I'll be checking it out. :)