Wednesday, July 8, 2009


There is sooooo much going on right now I don't even know where to start. For lack of any common thread, I'm going to post randomly today, and get back to regular blogging in the coming week. Thanks for putting up with my scatterbrained-ness!

*Today is my baby's birthday! He's officially three years old. Sweet, sweet thing. Though I wasn't there at his birth, the Holy Spirit worked a little miracle for me and let me know the week he was born... It's an amazing story, I'll have to share it sometime. In the meantime, Happy Birthday, Sweet Pea.

Not flesh of my flesh or bone of my bone
But still miraculously my own.
Never forget for a single minute,
You didn’t grow from my heart but in it.

*I'm done with my fourth book. That's a hard sentence for me to write because I never really feel done with a book until it's officially in print. Even then, I have a hard time reading it because something could always have been done better. I'm such a perfectionist. But, Book #4 is officially in the hands of my wonderful agent and her assistant, and I hope to get feedback on it soon. Stay tuned: I'll write more about it tomorrow!

*On Friday morning, Aaron and I leave for Denver, Colorado and the Christy Awards! I'm so excited. Time alone with my husband, a fabulous hotel downtown, hanging out with friends and colleagues in the publishing industry... It's going to be a blast. And I'm still getting my mind around the fact that Summer Snow is a finalist. Crazy. I'll try to post Saturday night or Sunday to let you know how it all went.

*Believe it or not, hot on the heels of finishing my fourth book for publication, I'm nearly ready to begin again with another book! The idea came to me several weeks ago, and though this fabulous novel-in-waiting is still in its infancy, I'm very excited about it. Not quite ready to talk about it yet, but I will say that I'll be taking a few flying lessons this summer in preparation for the coming months of writing. Could be interesting since I'm afraid of heights. And this ain't no 747... More like a two-seater Cessna. I'll keep you posted.

Whew! I'm feeling like my life is one big mosaic these days! Between family and writing and church and friends and gardening and summer and everything in between, I'm trying to take in each beautiful minute. Hope your summer is proving equally wonderful.


  1. How exciting!
    Happy birthday to your baby! Way to go on wrapping up #4. Can't wait to read the others. Will want to hear about the Christy Awards! And new book w/ flying lessons--you really are a woman after my own heart.
    ~ Wendy

  2. How exciting!Christy Awards, flying lessons, book 4 and then 5!! Great news!
    Enjoy Denver, LOVE that city!
    BTW, loved the mention of Spokane in your last book, as I great up in Easten WA and lived there for my first 30 years! Also, have been to BC, so know the beautiful country you wrote of. :-) Sending my snail mail in email.

  3. Thanks, Wendy! Do you fly? My dad took lessons just out of high school and was a few hours short of being liscensed... Actually, that plays heavily into the story for my fifth book. :)

    And Kristi, I love the Pacific Northwest/Southwest (depending on which side of the border you're on!). I only lived in BC for five years, but it will forever be a part of me.

    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Nicole, you are an inspiration. I love that poem about your son. So, so beautiful. And CONGRATS on your 4th book!! I'm already salivating to read it. The way you write is amazing. And yay for another book idea! This is really an exciting time for you! Best wishes for the Christy Awards. Have a fun, mini-vacation with your husband. And YIKES, flying lessons. I think I'd be terrified. How cool! So happy for you. :)

    I got your bookmarks in the mail! Thanks for sending them. I was very excited to get the little package today. :)

  5. Happy birthday to your son and congratulations on the completion of the book! It must feel great! :)

    Otherwise, have a great trip and keep us updated on those flying lessons!


  6. I'm so glad you got the package, Katie! Though I'm afraid I can't take credit for the adoption poem... I read it somewhere and thought it captured my feelings so well that I had to write it down. One of those "by annonymous" things.

    Thanks, Weronika! I will definitely post about flying... I'm scared to death. :)