Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Denver 2009

Aaron and I just got home from our whirlwind trip to Denver. Amid unpacking, laundry, cleaning, and boy-hugging, I'm taking a few quick minutes to whip up a blog post. I think I may have told you I'd write this weekend... Uh, sorry about that. We were having too much fun to worry about booting up the computer. Any-hoo, without further ado, Denver, in five photos or less (or more--we'll see how it goes).

The Christy Awards Ceremony

Though Summer Snow was a finalist in the Series, Sequels, and Novellas category, it did not win. The lovely Tracey Bateman won for her novel You Had Me at Goodbye. As cliched as it sounds, I was so incredibly humbled and honored to be considered in the same breath as Robin Jones Gunn and Tracey Bateman (both bestselling authors with an entire library of work under their belt) that the joy for me was in the nomination. Besides, I now have a rockin' medal (that my boys will probably use for dress-up), and I got to get all dolled up and be girly. The best part? Chandelier earrings and heels that tied around the ankle. He-he! Or maybe it was meeting Robin Jones Gunn, sitting beside the brilliant Angela Hunt, being inspired by Richard Foster, or watching two fellow Tyndale authors win Christy Awards. Obviously a toss up.

Posing for a pic with my stunningly handsome hubby.

Standing in-between the wonderful Robin Jones Gunn and Chris Fabry. Do I look serious to you? It's only because I'm silently thanking God that I didn't fall off the stage when I was accepting my medallion.


On Sunday, Aaron and I drove out of the city and spent the day in Breckenridge. Wow. We lived in British Columbia for several years, but mountains never cease to take my breath away. We took a lift to the top of Peak 9 and hiked around on top of the world. So amazing. In fact, we were so blown away by the beauty and grandeur that we waxed poetic on how much we miss living near such sights... Until we headed back for Denver and found ourselves amid bumper-to-bumper traffic on Interstate 70. It took us nearly three hours to get back to the city! Needless to say, by the time we finally stepped out of the car at our hotel, we were very happy small town dwellers once again. Who needs mountains when you have the peace and quiet of the simple life?

Hiking around the beautiful city of Breckenridge.

At nearly 10,000 feet.


This was my second experience at the International Christian Retail Show and it was as fun and furious as I remembered. Tyndale hosted a booksigning for four of their Christy nominated authors on Monday morning, and I had a ball meeting people from all over the country. Not to mention, getting free books! I love that about ICRS. And I love that there are such fantastic people in the publishing industry... I feel so blessed to get to be a part of it.

This was the line at the beginning of the signing. I'm the little-bitty person sitting at the table.

Hmmm. I can deduct two things from this picture. One: I like booksignings. Two: I really like my chandelier earrings.

From right to left: Chris Fabry (Christy winner), Randy Singer, Tom Pawlik (Christy winner) and me. I'm the one in the skirt (and chandelier earrings).

Well, I made it in seven photos. Not bad considering I have sixty-nine. :) Blessings to you this week!


  1. I thought of you on and off all weekend and checked the results on Saturday night. You were robbed I say. Robbed. :) (And of course you can take my opinion entirely seriously given I haven't yet had the chance to read Tracey's book). I'm so glad you had a good time. I wished I could have been there. OK, off to the airport for me to pick up one very tired and stubbly husband after his three weeks on the field. Hugs.

  2. I thought you were robbed last year, too! ;) Thanks for saying "hi." Hope you enjoy a stubbly reunion with your handsome hubby. I'll email soon... Hugs back at you!

  3. Nicole, congratulations again on the nomination--you belong in that crowd, and I must agree with Lisa that you were robbed. You have some fantastic work under your belt.

    Glad you enjoyed the trip. Those are gorgeous photos (and gorgeous earrings). Post some more if you have a moment--I'm curious to look into that world you experienced.


  4. First I need to say that I really love those earrings too! Next, I want to laugh how contrasting your pics are--all fancy & dressed up to those hiking pics! :D Fun! You are beautiful, Nicole and your writing blows me away! God has given you a gift!

    I'm also a fan of that sharp black dress! I like your style (and I mean not just writing) :D
    Way to wear that medallion with dignity!
    ~ Wendy

  5. LOVE the pics! You and your hubby are such a handsome couple. :) I can imagine ICRS and the Christy Awards were filled with excitement! Is there honestly any better profession than writing? I think not.

    So glad you had a great trip to Denver. The mountains always blow me away too - especially the Rockies. They are breathtaking!

    P.S. Nice earrings.

  6. You guys are so sweet! They really are great earrings, aren't they? ;) I should post a picture of my shoes...

    Thanks for the well-wishes. It was so awesome to be a part of everything--I still feel like I totally don't belong. But everyone is so kind and wonderful and talented. I got a lot of fabulous books and I'm excited to share some picks and recommendations with you. CBA keeps getting better and better.

  7. Oh, you and those chandelier earrings! Haha. They really are very pretty and I wish I had some like them. :) I love big, gaudy earrings but they're usually too heavy for me to wear. But I'd suck it up anyway for the Christy Awards! Congrats on your nomination and I'm sure you'll be winning the Christy before too long. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Have a good week.


  8. Great pics! I was thinking of you at the awards this weekend, checked the results Sat night too, just like another person mentioned! You BELONGED at the Christy awards! :-)
    PS: Thanks so much for my little package with the booksmarks and bookplates, so nice to receive. :-)
    Kristi (Ohio)