Thursday, January 29, 2009

Teenagers & Sex

Next week Aaron is the keynote speaker at a one-day conference called "The Day of Encouragement." He's an amazing speaker and has a genuine passion for reaching people, so I'm really looking forward to his address: "What Moves You?" However, after the big opener, my husband has also agreed to lead a breakout session on how to talk to teenagers about sex (and not be afraid to do so). Gulp.

I find this situation fascinating for a number of different reasons. First of all, Aaron is no longer a teenager and therefore can't possibly know what's going on inside a teen's mind where sex is concerned. Granted, our teenage years weren't that long ago, and for all intents and purposes not much has changed in that regard for many, many moons. But still. Second, not only is Aaron not a teenager, he also isn't the parent of a teenager and won't be for another eight years (Praise the Lord!). So that can't be his shtick: "I've parented two sons through adolescence!" So he's not a teen, not the parent of a teen, not a therapist, sex-expert (sexpert?), or counselor... and yet he signed up to teach this course. Who in their right mind would want to talk about teenagers and sex???

Apparently me because he roped me into it. Isn't that cute? We're going to teach the course together. What was I thinking when I let my lips form that nasty, little word: yes?!?!? Okay, I joke, but in all reality I am rather perversely (ignore the bad, bad pun) looking forward to it. No, that's not quite right. I'm not looking forward to it, I just think it's a really, really important topic that too often gets shushed in Christian circles. After all, we don't do... that. And neither do our kids. Yeah, right. Gulp again. I feel insomnia coming on.


  1. Carry on confidently--and don't worry about the ramifications. We've ALL got to pipe up about this issue! And I AM a mom of a teen, who's not afraid to tell her kid to keep pure--even to the point of encouraging NOT to have a "relationship"

  2. How wonderful! I've taught classes to older teens at our church on this very topic, and it REALLY DOES need to be taught. Believe me, if the church doesn't teach it the right way, they're gonna learn it the wrong way.
    Additionally, this will probably prepare your husband and you a little for what's coming down the road.