Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I had a weird experience today. I saw an ad on MSN for an article about little, everyday things you can do to improve your life. Since I'm gettin' fit, I took a moment to peruse the article, skimming the headlines and digging deeper into anything that looked interesting. Advice like "Talk to Strangers" and "Work-Out for One Minute a Day" made me smile. They weren't kidding when they said little things.

But when I clicked to the next bit of advice, I missed the headline entirely. There, smiling at me from my computer screen was my look-alike.

No, not her. He-he-he! ;)


Maybe I'm crazy. You know how sometimes you hear your own voice on an answering machine or a videotape, and you're shocked that the person speaking is actually you? I had that strange, out of body feeling looking at this woman. Does she look like me? I asked my hubby and he thinks so. Hmmm. I realize we're hardly twins, but there is a definite resemblance. I'd like to meet her on the street someday...

Anyway, how about you? Do you have a look alike? Have you ever met her (or him)? What about a celebrity look alike? Aaron has always told me that I remind him of Jenna Elfman. Remember Dharma & Greg? I don't get the connection, but it's pretty strong to him. Maybe I just need colored contacts. I've always wanted to be a brown-eyed girl! :)


  1. Hi Nicole. People used to tell me I looked like Jenna von Oy from the show Blossom (old sitcom).
    I think maybe about 50 pounds ago I did. With the extra weight I am thinking I look like the next Jenny Craig spokesperson! LOL! Enjoyed reading your blog as usual.