Monday, April 7, 2008

1st Review!

Summer Snow is on its way to a bookstore near you, and today I received the very first review. It's a little different this time around--when Leaves was released there was lots of early buzz and plenty of good reviews before the book ever hit stores. Not so with Summer Snow. I haven't heard an ounce of feedback from anyone other than family, friends, and publisher. So I was thrilled this morning to learn that Romantic Times Book Reviews gave Summer Snow a four-star rating! After the Leaves Fall earned a three-star rating ("enjoyable - a pleasant read"). Since one of my biggest goals for the sequel was to write a better book the second time around, I'm so happy that Summer Snow is considered a "compelling - page turner." Here are some highlights of the review:

"Baart's sequel is... beautifully written. The prose will resonate with readers... The author's grasp on the maturity and thought processes of young-adult Julia is stunning..."

How exciting! But before I get too wrapped up in a good review, I suppose I should get back to working on book #3. I'm shooting for a four and a half star review: "fantastic - keeper."

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