Saturday, June 5, 2010

Your wish is my command!

Nikolyn asked me in a recent blog comment to post a picture or two of my expanding belly. Well, this one is far from professional, but here you go! As you may or may not know, I am the fairly new owner of a MacBook Pro, and as I learn more and more about my computer, the more I love it! This adorable (Ha!) pic was taken by my Photo Booth, and though I had to lean down to get most of myself in the picture you have a pretty good view of my baby bump. Getting bigger and bigger...! :)

Thankfully, I have a friend who dabbles in photography and she is going to take some more professional pics of our in-utero Baby Baart. I promise to share a few of them at least, but I can't guarantee they'll be any good. Since I have to give myself injections every day, my tummy is a wee bit bruised--we'll have to place hands in strategic places or the photos could be used for a domestic abuse website. Honest to goodness, Aaron has been nothing but wonderful to me!

Anyway, Nikolyn asked, I delivered. Your wish is my command... Any other questions, musings or requests? Leave a comment and I'll do what I can.

Have a lovely weekend!

One more for good measure... :)


  1. You look great!

    April De Wit

  2. I hope you feel as good as you look!

  3. What a cute tummy!! There's nothing quite like a pregnant belly! I think all pregnant (smiling) women are nothing less than beautiful.
    I'm reading my first Baart book and so far I'm loving it! I'm reading The Moment Between and I just finished chapter 4! My heart is breaking for poor Abby. I can relate to her in a very minute way.
    Enjoy those moments with Baby Baart tucked sweetly inside ;-) Oh my goodness I'm going to get the baby fever just thinking about it, lol

  4. Thanks, April! I feel like a house. :)

    mom4josh, I do feel good. In fact, I'm one of those strange women that LOVE being pregnant. I feel healthy, happy, and not so concerned with my body or appearance because I can't be! But I have just under six weeks left and I'm starting to feel exhausted. So sleepy... I'm like an infant myself--I'd happily take a morning and an afternoon nap.

    Marie, THANK YOU! Pregnant women rarely feel beautiful--it's nice to hear. :) And I'm thrilled that you're liking The Moment Between. It's a very special book to me. Has Abby made it to Thompson HIlls yet? When you get there, you'll have to check out the photos of British Columbia's Okanagan on my Facebook page. They'll show you the places that inspired my setting. :) Oh, and since I'm pregnant I have to say: Give in to the baby fever! He-he-he!

  5. whoo hoo! Thanks so much! I find pregnancy to be so beautiful, and extravagant and unapologetic...especially when this little one has been long awaited. Love the belly shots! I perfect little miracle is waiting in there!

  6. You look sensational! I know this has to be such an exhilerating time for you and your family. May its bloom stand still in your mind and heart always...

    Yesterday I received the books you sent. Again, THANK YOU! I have read all your your novels, but my sister has them now. She loves them so much, and now I will let her keep them since I have a signed set of my very own! :0) I spent yesterday afternoon sitting on the porch swing of our family's ancient farmhouse, listening to the creek and reading "Summer Snow" again. Such a lovely way to spend a day.

  7. Hi Nicole! I spent a lazy Sunday afternoon reading and Abby just reached Thompson Hills...I will definitly check out those pic's
    As for the baby fever...we have 4 and would love (at least 2) more, we pray about it, but so far it doesn't really seem the Lord is leading us in that direction. My husband is a missionary for Youth for Christ and he has to raise his support. The economy is making it hard to raise enough to support the 4 we have at the moment soooo, for now I'll just have to enjoy other babies at church.
    And btw, I'm one of those strange women that loved pregnancy too...except the first weeks when I suffered with morning sickness...that was so tough! But having the babies was always a little bitter sweet because I could hold them in my arms (sweet, very sweet) but I no longer had them within (somewhat sad). The sweet far out-weighted the bitter though :-)

  8. Nicole -

    Great shots! I adore cute pregnant ladies. I myself was the frumpy - put on 60-80lbs (depending if it was 1 or 2 babies!) lady and gave new meaning to "big as a house!" lady. You are still on my weekly prayer list! Keep us posted!

  9. You wear pregnancy well! You might have already answered this question in a previous post, but do y'all know the sex of the baby yet? Or are you waiting for it to be a surprise? Hope you've had a wonderful weekend! Thanks for the pictures. :)

  10. I'm going to work my way backwards...

    Lauren, we do know the sex of the baby, and I thought I had alluded to it. But now that we're so close, I'm going to just keep it a secret until it happens! Since I don't share the names of my kids online, I probably won't share that fun detail with you. :( Sorry. Gotta have something fun to tell!

    Jen, I'm convinced no pregnant women are frumpy. Your body puts on what it needs to sustain you and your babies. Period. I bet you were beautiful. :)

    Marie, I hope you like the pictures! As for the bittersweetness of birth--I totally agree. For the first few days after I had my son, I actually missed him moving around inside of me. It was like I had finally shared a wonderful secret with the world, and sometimes I still wanted it all to myself.

    Sherry, I'm so glad you got the books! And I'm intrigued by your reading spot... Sounds like the perfect place to pen a novel! A creek in the background??? Bliss.

    Nikolyn, you're so right. This baby has been long awaited. Five years to be exact. I think I can wait five more weeks... ;)

    You girls are awesome...

  11. You are one gorgeous preggo lady!