Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mac Cam

So I have a new computer. Have I mentioned that already? ;) Loving it, loving it, BTW. And though my IBM friends still consider me a Benedict Arnold of the worst degree, I'm so happy not to have to deal with the "blue screen of death" on a daily (sometimes hourly) basis. But I'm not blogging this morning to start another computer war... I just want to share my newest discovery.

My Mac has this fun (albeit somewhat useless, as far as I can tell) program called Photo Booth. I discovered it recently on one of my many "journeys into the unknown" (a.k.a. attempts to figure out all the fun features of my computer). Apparently this lovely little add-on is exactly what it sounds like--a way to take random, spur-of-the-moment photographs from a camera embedded in the computer screen. Both kinda creepy and kinda fun.

See? This is me. Right now.

It's kind of like Skype except for I'm (blessedly?) silent. Neat-o, right? But what's the point? Good question... The way I see it, as I continue to brainstorm and dream about who am I and who I hope to reach, I think it would be helpful if we continue to get to know each other. How can we be a part of a community if we never see each other? Sure, photos are nice, but let's face it--we usually spiff ourselves up for pictures. The above photo is what I look like on a weekday morning when I'm sitting at my computer writing. Bet you didn't know that my hair is naturally curly (I straighten it when I want to be "pretty"). Or that my "daily" make-up is some lip gloss and eyeliner (because without those necessities I'd resemble a corpse).

Bet you didn't know that I like to take twenty-second catnaps when my eyes get tired from staring at the computer screen.

Or that I sometimes get really frustrated with myself and my craptastic writing.

And I bet you never guessed that my favorite flowers are delphiniums and that my garden is resplendent with them right now. Thus, the lovely vase that overlooks my current workspace.

Sadly, these beauties are a few days old and raining cobalt petals on my keyboard. Oh well, there are another thirty or so blooms out back. But I digress...

Here's the deal. I'm going to be using my Photo Booth app from time to time so that I can give my readers a little sneak peek into some of my routines, joys, and frustrations. Just for fun. But I'm not going to be posting photos from my Mac Cam (clever palindrome, don't you think?) on my blog. If you'd like to see the unvarnished, weekday morning me, you'll have to join me on my Facebook Page. I'm not trying to be coy, it's just 100 times easier to upload a quick photo to Facebook than it is to write a whole blog post about it.

Anyway, hope to see you there! And if you have a Mac yourself, I'd love to see you! Dare to let me see the unpolished you???

Your turn: I have to admit that it's not easy for me to post a less-than-perfect photo of myself online. But I believe that there is something so real and beautiful about sharing ourselves (as we are) with others. Are you a bare-it-all sort of person? Or is there some area (many areas?) of your life that you'd rather hide? Dare to share?


  1. I don't get embarrassed easily. Wish I had one to post a pic.

    ~ Wendy

  2. Naturally-curly-headed girlies unite! :)

    Very cute post. And I'm with you; I like the vulnerability and honesty that comes with pictures like this. Go you!

  3. I love that app on my MacBook and iMac. So does Elizabeth. We use it for fun, as she LOVES seeing herself on the computer, and a lot when Jordan was in Afghanistan to send pics of both of us (self portraits are very difficult to take with an SLR). I too have naturally curly hair, though since having E it's relaxed to being more wavy than anything and I think it looks silly, so I straighten it daily. I'd send you a photo of me currently, but I'm writing this on my iPhone. Yes, I am an Apple junkie. Although, the picture that shows when this is posted was taken with PhotoBooth :o)

    For the record, I think you're pretty no matter how you've done your hair. :o)

  4. Wendy, where do you think your confidence comes from? I'm convinced that if we are shy it often relates back to childhood experiences... Obviously, that's a gross over-exaggeration, but I still think it rings true in many cases. I was an ugly duckling and I've carried that with me my whole life. It's hard for me to leave the house without being "done." I always envy people who say they don't embarrass easily!

    Janna, do you straighten your hair? Or have you embraced your curls? It's a daily battle for me. ;)

    Thanks, Monika. I didn't realize your husband was in Afghanistan. Yikes. He's home now, right? As for hair, mine got curlier with pregnancy! But last time I nursed it all started to fall out. We'll see if I'm as "lucky" this time around. :)

    Blessings to you!

  5. I have a fairly good imagination, but I cannot imagine you as the ugly duckling. I think you are beautiful and pretty. Curly hair, straight hair. Your curly hair pics are so cute-you look so fresh and natural. Your sweetness and uniqueness shines through. Like you I have naturally curly hair that I've fought most of my life. I use a blow dryer and flat iron. My best friend tells me that I will meet my future husband when I have no make up, my hair is one big frizz ball and I'm sweating from coming in from the gym. Now that would be true love. I have been know to go to the gym sans make up. It is freeing. But I still need to feel put together to go out in public most of the time.
    I've been visiting your blog a lot, but haven't commented. I've been enjoying the posts very much. You always give me a lot to ponder.

  6. Thanks so much for stopping by, Annie, and for taking the time to comment. I love interacting with readers. And if you do meet Mr. Right while you're sans make-up, frizzy, and sweaty, do share! I love stories like that. And I love guys who love us girls when we're less than perfect. He's out there somewhere... :)