Friday, June 26, 2009

My perfect...

A spin-off of Wednesday's post...

My perfect haircut: Carrie Bradshaw in I don't know which season of Sex and the City. Yes, I know, I could find better things to watch on TV. It's my guilty pleasure. Sue me. But you've gotta admit, this hair is awesome. Someday when I muster the courage to chop mine (hasn't been short since I was born) this will be my new 'do.

My perfect vacation: A chateau in southern France. I don't speak the language; I don't want to. I'm here for the wine, the coffee, the crepes, and the sun. I don't need a rental car or a tour guide, just hook me up with a bike, directions to the nearest beach, and a few recommendations for off-the-beaten path farmer's markets and cafes.

My perfect day: A good cup of coffee, a fresh scone (still warm, thank you), and happy kids around the breakfast table. A long, family walk, a stop at the park. Lunch out, just for the fun of it. A quiet afternoon (sleeping kids), writing under the pergola. Then a bottle of chilled white wine, shrimp on the grill and steaks to follow. An evening under the stars.

My perfect house: The one I live in is pretty close to perfection. A little small for our growing family, but it has all the right components: huge windows and lots of light, a large, open kitchen, a great backyard. All we're missing is a big bathroom and a little more living space. Plus, of course, a real wood fireplace.

My perfect long-term plan: I want more children. I hope to write more books. I'd love to win an award. I want to finish a triathlon with my friend, Katie. I want to spend some serious time in Liberia. I want to be a better mommy, wife, and friend every day. And I want to be real and honest and true and loving and good. And I know that God's plans are not my own, but that they are infinitely better. Can't wait to watch him shape my future.

Your turn. What's your perfect...?


  1. Perfect hair: I quite like your tresses...don't cut them!

    Perfect vacation: I've always wanted to go to Mikanos, Greece or New Zealand.

    Perfect day: tea, on a boat, writing a creative chapter, laughing and dancing with my husband and children. That about sums it up.

    Perfect house: cottage on a lake or ocean.

    Perfect long-term plan: being HELD by God, getting books published, raising loving girls, falling more in love with my husband, becoming more and more invested where God wants me to be.

    I love getting to know you better through these posts! :D Have a peaceful weekend!
    ~ Wendy

  2. Thanks for sharing, Wendy! And thanks for the hair thumbs-up. My husband likes it long, but I think I'm a closet pixie cut just waiting to bust out. ;)

    And I'm with you on both Greece and New Zealand... Oh, to have time, money, and a conscience that lets me spend it on travel!

  3. oh that place in france looks pretty perfect. i'd love a place somewhere on the bay in san francisco where i could see the golden gate bridge. or a little place nestled in the mountains of north carolina. or colorado. Ha. i can't pick just one place.
    and as far as other things i couldn't narrow anything down. :)

  4. I've never been to San Francisco... Sounds like I need to add it to my "must-see" list.

  5. Agreed Carrie Bradshaw's hair is perfect, thanks to her team of stylists I'm sure. I was watching reruns last night, my guilty pleasure too.

    Sounds like a charming little life.


  6. You think she uses a stylist? ;) Bummer.

    I followed your profile to your blog and it's absolutely lovely. Your children are gorgeous, your life sounds sweet, and I think I know where you live... Don't worry, not in a scary way, in a "Hey! I love it there!" sort of a way. ;)

    Have a fabulous week!

  7. These posts have been really cool. I've enjoyed getting to know you better through them. You make me wish I liked wine. I've tried. I really have. Just can't find one that I like. I have a friend who's obsessed with it - her dad is a wine distributer, so she gets a bunch for free.

  8. Yep, I live probably where you think I do!

    I love our little existance, thanks for visiting.

    Hope you have a great week too!