Thursday, December 4, 2008

Stuck in Brussels

So my husband has been working his hands to the bone in Liberia for the past two weeks plus. He's held a pastors' conference for 120 pastors, documented, photographed, and cataloged every one of the 54 children at the orphanage our non-profit supports, worked on a Lifewater Liberia compound, met with the head of the Ministry of Health, visited the soon-to-be adopted son of our friends, battled chemical burns, heat exhaustion, and heat rash, and all-around managed to be Supermanly. I'm so proud of him. And now I want him HOME. Do you hear me? HOME. I wasn't cut out for single-momhood. (Nor am I very good at dealing with the envy I feel every time I think of him hugging the kids I've come to love.)

Forgive my insitence and the tinge of desperation you might hear in my online voice. But I can't help myself. I was supposed to be sharing my bed with my hubby tonight (did I mention I strongly dislike sleeping alone?). Instead, he's stuck in Brussels and I'm wearing long johns and two pairs of socks for one more night (my bed is cold!). I hope. It better not be more than one more night. I'll scream, and wherever you are, I bet you'd hear it.

Life's not fair, is it? Here's Aaron, probably sitting at a sidewalk cafe in Brussels, sipping a frothy Belgian beer, and enjoying a pretty little corner of Europe.

And here's me, single mom extraordinare, though a lot less sexy and chic (think tangled hair, drool stained shirt, and tired eyes--though the cooking, reading, mothering, working, telephone-talking, exercising, grocery-buying part is pretty true to life. All she's missing is Bible study leading, children's church planning, 4th book writing, and snow shoveling.) As far as I'm concerned, the life of the modern mom is far less Zen-like than this lovely young lady suggests. No less busy, mind you.

Anyway, I'm pouting. Bad habit, I know. The truth is, we survived just fine and I'm sure he's as homesick for us as we are for him. Plus, it's winter in Brussels, too, so the sidewalk cafe thing is the product of my overactive imagination. Though I don't doubt the beer part for one second. And I don't blame him a bit. Cheers to you, Aar. I'll see you tomorrow sometime. You'd better have Belgian chocolates in one hand and French wine in the other. ;)

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  1. Oh, poor Nicole! I've only been separated from my husband once (for 5 days) and we don't have any kids, just a cat, but it was awful! What is funny is that a few weeks ago I blogged about how one of the greatest things about being married was having a warm body next to me that I could snuggle my COLD feet under! I see that you consider that a top perk, too!

    I'll be on the lookout for my books in the mail! No worries - I knew things were hectic for you. And the book you read recently, Whistling in the Dark, sounds really interesting! I may try to find it to read!