Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Traditions

If you live in the Midwest you know that the past week has been a wild one for the prairies. We're buried under a few feet of snow (help!) and the temperatures have been lethal. But, oh, how I love it! We've been sledding, sipping cocoa, playing games, watching movies, and even sneaking under the Christmas tree. As my oldest tells anyone who'll listen: "We have so many presents under there it's embarrassing." I have to quickly add that our Canadian family spoiled us by sending boxes filled with presents. After all, it's not my fault our modest Christmas is... well... not so modest.

Any-hoo, blogging is the last thing on my mind. The Baarts are too busy playing trains, building Lego, and enjoying a soothing glass of Bailey's on ice. But I am able to pry myself away long enough to direct you to TitleTrakk. This week your "Christian Book, Music, & Movie Terminal" is featuring a Christmas author interview. 27 authors (including myself) have been asked the question: What is your favorite Christmas tradition? The answers make for some fun reading. I encourage you to check it out! And when you're done, take a minute to share. I'd love to know what your favorite Christmas tradition is. :)

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