Saturday, November 22, 2008


I want to see Twilight. I know, I know, this admission cements me as a hypocrite. How can I love all things literary and yet find myself itching to see Bella and Edward come to life? Especially after my experience with Stephanie Meyer's series as a whole: I devoured Twilight, and though I found the writing subpar and the intro way too long, I loved it. Then I read New Moon and was disappointed by the fact that it felt like a retelling of the first book, except for a werewolf was subbed in where the vampire used to be. By this time I was relatively bored, so I let a good friend give me the cliff notes on Eclipse. She said it just wasn't worth the read. But when Breaking Dawn released I had to know how it ended. Too cheap to pony up the dough for a hardcover I doubted I'd cherish, I read as many spoiler reviews on Amazon as I could find. I was shocked by what I read. Sounds like the final book in the series is a huge stretch and a colossal let down. And yet, I want to see Twilight. What's wrong with me?

Okay, I'm going to go somewhere and hang my head in shame. But if anyone's in the mood for a cheesy vampire-love story, you might be able to twist my rubber arm into tagging along.


  1. my sister has been raving about Twilight for some time now, so when i went down to visit her in houston last weekend, and she told me she had an extra copy, i figured i'd take the book and see what all the ruckus is about. i haven't cracked the cover yet, but with all the hoopla i'm hearing about it, i figure i probably should before it loses its popularity. one of my other favorite authors, angela hunt, blogged about it here: and i thought her assessment of it was great because it is from a Christian perspective, she put some allegorical elements into it, and made me seem more interested in it. i'm going to try to read it this week and if i like it, i'll go see the movie. too bad i don't live in iowa because i would probably go see it with you!

  2. don't see it, i did, and it was a total cheese-fest. but i did kind of like the first book, i'm same as you, disappointed by the second and haven't gotten around to the third. but sometimes 'light' reading is all you want. by the way, congrats on the new book!