Monday, October 27, 2008


Aaron and I had houseguests this weekend (if you've been following my blog for a while you know that this is sort of a regular occurance in our home). Anyway, I didn't get any writing, editing, blogging, laundry, or much of anything else done. It was wonderful. Especially because our houseguests were a a fabulous team of people from YWAM (Youth With a Mission). Jeff's specialty is Afghanistan, Elaine and her family have hearts for China, and Tinika hopes to work with African-American people in the US to promote missions within their communities. Exciting stuff, all of it. And for some reason it's empowering just to be around them--to hear their stories, learn about their passions, and see the Kingdom of God in global terms.

Though I'd love to tell you all about our conversations and what YWAM is accomplishing worldwide, I'm going to leave the ball in your court today. I encourage you to check out the YWAM website or just take a moment to pray for these amazing people who make it their life's ambition "to know God and to make him known." We may not all be called into missions overseas, but I think the YWAM motto is applicable to each and every Christian. At least I'm certainly feeling convicted.


  1. i LOVE YWAM! I went to Mexico on my first mission trip with YWAM, and they are by far the best organization to do missions with (at least in my opinion!)! I've been to their campus in Tyler, and it is so awesome to walk around...You can just feel the Spirit of God's presence there. My husband and I have considered taking a year-long mission trip somewhere with YWAM eventually (but with both of us about to graduate from school and being brand-new newlyweds, we are going to wait probably about a year before we pursue it). How great that you had houseguests to bring encouragement and joy from serving the Lord to you!

  2. nicole,

    I emailed you a couple weeks ago with my address and I haven't gotten an email back from you (nor have I gotten the books), so I wanted to make sure you got my email. my email address is if you didn't, email me or leave a comment on my blog so I'll know to resend it! thanks!