Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday

Two years ago today the Spirit laid a very heavy burden on my heart. Aaron and I were in the process of adopting a child from Ethiopia and we were firmly entrenched in the unhappy stage of waiting. Just waiting. Twiddling our thumbs because the dossier was complete, the homestudy was done, the papers were sent overseas, and there was nothing active for us to do. And I'm a do-er. A get things done-er. So God gave me something to do. He pressed so earnestly on my soul for so many days that I was heartsick. I lost my appetite, I couldn't sleep, I became so fidgety I couldn't stay still... Finally it got so intense I spread out facedown on my living room floor and begged the Lord to tell me why I was so unsettled.

Though he didn't speak outloud to me, within moments I knew why my spirit groaned so: my baby was being born. Thousands of miles away, amidst circumstances that I will never know, my little son was making his appearance in the world. Suddenly, I had much to do: I prayed. I prayed for his health and safety, I prayed for his poor mother and father, I prayed for each of his fingers and toes, his talents and weaknesses, his enfolding into our family. And when our case worker called with our referral of a sweet little son on August 22, 2006, I wasn't the least bit surprised when she told me his birthdate was July 8.

So, it's two years later and my counter is filled with balloons to be blown-up, streamers to be hung, presents to be wrapped, and cupcakes to be made. Tomorrow we celebrate our baby's second birthday. Happy birthday, Sweetheart.

Here he is, a moment after I first laid eyes on him. Isn't he sweet???


  1. I have a vivid memory of my own from two years ago--you'd completed "After the Leaves Fall" and I was eagerly reading the manuscript. We had an earnest heart-to-heart at the camp-out, you and I, and I believe the date was July 8--THE day he made his appearance. It is an honor to have shared that moment, that day, with you.

  2. Hey Nicole,
    As someone who is adopted, your words today spoke deeply to my heart. He truly orchestrates our lives - and some times the instruments are on opposite ends of the world! Blessings as you raise your treasure. He's precious.
    Heather Smith

  3. The events of July 8, 2006 in your home remind me of a story I once read. It was an encounter between a young Mom and an elderly gentleman. The young Mom was explaining that her new baby had come to them by adoption. The elderly man remarked that 2 of his 5 children had also been adopted but he "couldn't remember which ones".
    Happy 2nd birthday Judah!

  4. Thank you all so much for sharing this day with me! My big 2 year old is high on frosting and chocolate cupcakes and "resting peacefully" (yeah right, he's giggling madly with his brother) in his crib upstairs. I love the sound of those boys laughing together... Even when they're supposed to be sleeping. :)

    With love,

  5. I can't wait to see you next weekend. Oh, I mean THIS weekend. WOW. Bring new pics of the boys!