Friday, January 4, 2008

Summer Snow Cover

I am in such a great mood today. I finally feel good. Yay! That in and of itself is enough to put me on cloud nine. But there's more: I got to write this morning, I'm having my new dining room set delivered this afternoon, and I'm going out with friends tonight. Sometimes it just feels like everything is coming up roses. Oh! And did you see who responded to my last post? William P. Young, the author of The Shack. I'll never wash that post again. He-he-he!

Anyway, in the spirit of feeling happy, I thought I'd share with you something that absolutely thrills me: the cover for Summer Snow! Isn't it fabulous? Didn't Jessie (the artist) do an amazing job??? Oh, and did I mention that Summer Snow is already available for pre-order? Just click here.

Enjoy! I hope your weekend is shaping up to be as lovely (if not lovelier) than mine.


  1. IT IS BEAUTIFUL. Now I want to read the book....NOW =)

    Just teasing you, I will wait (um kindaof)

    (sitting here tapping my fingers....).


    Love ya!

  2. What a great cover! And it goes so well with the last cover, too. And what a fun day you had!