Wednesday, August 8, 2007


I finished Harry and bawled like a baby. How lame is that? I attribute it to the fact that I'm not much of a crier so when I do let go, it's gonna be monumental. Or at least tidal. My poor husband thought I was insane...

Anyway, back to life as normal. Time to really get my head in the so-called game and decide what I want to do now. I have six potential books cluttering up precious space in my brain, and it's time to let one out... Question is, which one? Since I'm such a rookie in the whole publishing world, I have no idea what my next best move would be. Here's the scoop:

-Out of the six potential books, I have a good portion of three of them already written. The three I have begun include:

  • A crime/drama. Sort of. The POV switches between a small town doctor (present day) and a teenage girl (1968). Their stories weave together as Lucas (the doctor) gets thrown into a situation way over his head and finds himself inexplicably drawn to a young woman he never knew.
  • An adventure/drama about a woman on the brink of 30 who is chasing down an obsession that threatens to ruin her. This book is a real mind game--I'm still trying to get my head around it.
  • A young adult fantasy. Really? Did I really start writing a fantasy? Yup, I think so. It revolves around a childhood dream of mine...

-The three books that are still dormant (but very much alive) in my mind include:

  • A historical drama. I have wanted to write this book since I was a little girl and someday, no matter what, I will. It is my Grandmother's story, and it's proof that truth is just as magical as fiction. It will be a book about love, family, and World War II.
  • An adventure/drama about a town that experiences a catastrophe of devastating proportions. Although the POV would follow the life of one young woman, the story would lie in the tapestry of lives that are woven together through such deep suffering.
  • A third book about Julia (the main character in my first two novels). This book would not so much be a part of a series as the continuation of characters that I love deeply and am having a hard time letting go of! I'd hop 10 years in the future and pick things up there...

There you have it, my dilemma. Writing is obsessive for me, complusive, but I write so much better when I have a definite place to channel my energies. All this back and forth, a chapter here, a scene there, is killing me! Any words of wisdom? Bits of advice? What sounds interesting to you?


  1. Hey Nicole, have you heard of Shelfari? You might be interested in it, you can see what others are reading and their reivews. Your book is not listed yet so I have not added my reivew, but you can see my books I am reading or planning to read

  2. The adventure drama about the woman on the brink of 30 chasing down an obsession sounds really interesting to me. Write that one!

    Hi Nicole,

    Laurel Wreath told me ALL about you. LOL I see your first book is coming out in October. Congratulations!

    And I confess, finishing the last HP book made me sad, too. Rumor has it JK Rowling is going to write a Harry Potter encyclopedia. If she does, I plan to read the whole series again, encyclopedia in hand. The thought of never visiting Hogwarts and our friends again is just too sad.

  3. I am not the person to ask (my taste is VERY specific and not too popular) but may I suggest wandering over to Writer...Interrupted ( ) and seeing what is there. They are a group of published and longing to be published authors and there is tons of great advise of the type you re asking here.

    Shelfari and goodreads are two other great spots if you are looking for another book to read.

  4. I have a latent desire to write a book. Maybe someday...I just have no idea what I'll write! Sounds like you have plenty of ideas!

  5. Came over from Laurel Wreath...I look forward to reading the excerpt from you novel!

    Laurel mentioned you are a pastor's wife. We have that in common! I also love to write - am tentatively being published in a 'Chicken Soup' type book by Tyndale in the spring. My heart is in Bible studies and like you, I have about 3 going on in my head at all times...

    Blessings as you determine your next project!

    Come by my blog sometime when you get a chance..:))


  6. Hi Nicole,

    Nice to meet you and thanks for having me in for a visit. Wow, I have not read for just the funof it for a long while...

    Guess I am now inspired to do so. Welcome to our community. Be blessed, Lynn

  7. I LOVE the idea of the crime novel (the first one) that sounds super!! AND because I LOVE YA - Yup, I say go for the YA soon too!!!


  8. Wow! These sound great! I can't wait to read some excerpts.

    I am an avid reader... and writer! :o)