Thursday, August 23, 2007

Good stuff

I'm learning about myself as a blogger and so far I've discovered two things about my blogging style: 1) I tend to write looonnnggg blogs. Poor you. 2) I seem to write a lot about serious things. I guess that means I'm deep! Ha-ha! Or maybe I'm boring... :)

Anyway, life has lightened up a bit in just over 24 hours and I thought I'd share.
  1. Our bathroom is done! Well, almost. It's functional anyway and far more gorgeous than I imagined it would be. Who knew Venetian plaster could change a room so much???
  2. My kids are awesome.
  3. Our car is fixed! After 7 weeks of sitting in the body shop, the mechanic finally called us to say, "It's a goner." Aaron and I almost cried yesterday afternoon because we couldn't think of a way out of this jam. No $$$ makes it a little hard to buy a new car. Anyway, a few hours later the mechanic called us back to say, "Your car is working!" What a miracle! Apparently he decided to take one last look at it and suddenly discovered that something had been wired together wrong. Imagine that.
  4. I'm not sick anymore! In fact, I feel great. Gotta love modern medicine.
  5. I'm excited to dive into my redline manuscript.
  6. My kids are gorgeous. Have I mentioned that already?

Anyway, have a happy Thursday! I am...

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  1. The tilt a whirl of life =))) Good to hear you are feeling better!!! And happy you have a working car now.