Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Just for fun...

Just for the fun of it, my favorite vacation quotes so far:

Me to Isaac: "Stop licking your brother."

Aaron to Isaac: "Take that garbage out of your mouth and eat your french fries."

Isaac to me: "I want to be your mommy now. Go to bed! Your driving me crazy!"

Isaac to Judah: "I love you bippy baby."

Judah: "Da-da." "Wow!" "Ma-ma." (His first words!)

At the zoo. Isaac to me: "Did someone bite that tiger's tail off?" Me to Isaac: "Of course not." Zookeeper, a moment later: "A few years ago the tiger got too close to the panther cage and the panther bit off his tail and ate it." Oops.

Grandpa to Isaac: "What are the mountains made of?" Isaac to Grandpa: "Mountains are made of mountains. Duh."

Vacation rocks. What else is there to say?


  1. Great memories. There is so much you say as a mother that you would never think you would have to say....oh like "Quit sucking on the cats tail!"


  2. That is just too funny. I love that your Isaac noticed the tail being gone before you :) Too cute. Thanks for sharing and making me laugh tonight.


  3. These are hilarious!! I love "stop licking your brother" sounds just like my kids!