Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Home is where...

As many of you know, the Baart family has recently moved into a new house. I love it, truly I do. But there's a part of me that believes deep down that a house cannot be a home until it has a history. I still wake up in the morning and feel like I'm on a wonderful vacation. I'm in awe of the spacious kitchen, the whirlpool bathtub, the garage where I can actually park and have space to get out of my vehicle. It's fantastic... but it's still becoming home.

I'm a details girl and I love the little things. So this morning I wandered around my house that is yet becoming a home and took some pictures of things that I love--the things that are slowly beginning to transform this space into ours.

Home is where...

my favorite chair invites me to cuddle up...

cookies cool on the counter...

my son's blanket is bathed in sunlight...

my bathtub beckons...

puppy pajamas play on the floor...

Your turn to finish the sentence: Home is where...


  1. Home is where...

    ... my piano music sits above the black and white keys.

    ... I can smell my mom's cooking.

    ... there's a journal, a Bible, and a letter from a friend next to my bed.

    ... the porch swing beckons me to grab a book or sit back enjoy the mountain view.

  2. Home is where... Nana's old comforter slides from side to side as I sleep at night. least favorite books stay stacked in my closet at my parents' house. cousin's parents' copious animals frolic around in the backyard.

  3. Oh, I love hearing your definitions of home! Heidi, I'm jealous of your mountain view. Lauren, you made me laugh... I keep my least favorite books, too. They should probably be donated, but I can't part with them even if I know I'll never read them again!

  4. love this post, love your photos! What a blessing after a very long day! We, too, are newly moved so I'm gonna have to search my thoughts as well. Lets see.....

    Home is where the big dog waits at the top of the stairs with big eyes and her tail thumping when I open the door. Its where I smell the after-scent of the candles I burned last night. Its where I follow the trail of children's shoes and blankies and papers and toys until I reach them or the silent rooms they will soon fill. Home is where the living creatures I love return to day after day, and slowly our stuff finds a place to rest as well. After we moved, home became much more than my house.

  5. home is where your true colors show

    home is where my family belongs instead of spending it in hospitals, ER's and doctor's office

    home is where I long to have all of my belongings instead of what I leave packed in the trunk ready to leave in an instant

    home is where loud off key singing by my five year old is music to my ears

  6. home is where...

    ...our 15 1/2 year-old dog lies snorring on the top of the stairs, filling the air with her flatulence and reducing the air quality index.

    ...I'm "working" outside while lying on an old lounge chair trying to get a tan, and every neighbour stops by to chat.

    ...I tackle my husband during a televised CFL game and find out who's really got "Nadal" muscles.

    ...we turn off the lights in our office at night, wait until the computer screen saver stars "come out" and slow dance to the latest CD my husband is raving about.

  7. I absolutely love this post. Can I say that about my own post? I think I can, because I don't love it for what I wrote, I love it for what YOU wrote. I'd love to sip a glass of wine with you in your home... There's a Fernando Ortega song that's called Prayer for Home. Be blessed by his lyrics:

    Grant them peace, most precious gift of all
    Keep the worried world far away and small
    When they return, may quiet fill their souls,
    Dearest Lord, keep them safe within it's walls.

    May it be a refuge for their love,
    A harbor for their deepest prayer.
    May they come to flourish in the grove,
    Grow ever nearer to You there.

  8. I open the door and hear my kids voices saying "Mom, is that you?" and then hear footsteps running up or down steps, followed by "I have to talk to you..."


    my husband and I are cooking in the kitchen surrounded by laptops and kids and we're all talking about whatever topic for the moment but we're laughing, arguing (loud conversation), and otherwise communicating our lives and opinions to each other, anticipating whatever is on the menu for the's usually something good!

    one more,

    is where I wake up early in the morning to make coffee and sit and look outside my large picture window at the large evergreens in my neighbors yard and enjoy the silence of my family sleeping and the peace in my heart that they are are all safe and close to me.