Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I'd rather be...

Don't get me wrong. I love my home. I love Iowa. I love small town life. I even love snow. At least, a little. But this winter is soooooo long... and dragging on. We have snow piled waist-high, roads that have been sheets of ice since the end of November, and more of the white stuff in the forecast. Sigh. Enough is enough.

Since we don't have the dough for a fabulous trip, and since I'm a dreamer, I'm going to take a moment to indulge my fantasies. It might be -5 outside, but in my mind I'm somewhere warm and sunny. If I had my way, I'd rather be... Curacao. A month or so ago, a local doctor was unable to find a fetal heartbeat in my little one. I was over 12 weeks along, so the heartbeat should have been easy to locate... Aaron and I spent the weekend in a haze, sure that we had lost yet another baby. One of the things that I did to comfort myself was plan a trip to Curacao--something we had promised ourselves as a pick-me-up if God chose to take our baby home. But He had other plans! Our little one was merely hiding, and now, at nearly 18 weeks, all is well. Praise the Lord! And come to think of it, maybe I don't want to be in Curacao. ;) Vancouver. I shared a video with you last week that highlighted my gorgeous second home. Well, as I'm sure you all know, the Olympics are about to begin in beautiful British Columbia and I wish I could be there! Especially because my sister-in-law is also pregnant right now. She's due one month before me, and I'd love to spend some quality time with her comparing baby bumps and other "fun" pregnancy symptoms. the Calvin College Festival of Faith and Writing. Oh, wait a sec. I am going to be there--but not until April. This bi-annual event is one of the highlights of my writing life. I look forward to the speakers, the inspiration, and the time with fellow authors. I'm meeting my writing BFF Lisa McKay for a weekend of book talk and wine. Oops. Skip the wine this year. Fruit juice and water for me.

...curled up on my couch with a cup of mint tea and a good book. Why am I blogging? 'Cuz I love you guys and I want to say "hi." But it is book and couch time. ;)

Question for you (on this miserable, icy day): Where would you rather be? Or are you happy just where you are?


  1. Amen! I'm SO sick of winter. I think it's worse with kids. Last winter was my first with a baby. Only he was just a wee little baby and didn't care about going outside. Now, Brogan points out the window and says, "Out! Out!" And I have to shake my head and say, "It's too cold outside, lovey." Argh! I cannot wait for summer!

  2. As a southern girl, snow is welcome but only for a couple of days. It has snowed twice here in NC, a little sleet/freezing rain, but it's been enough. Today it's incredibly windy. It's like I'm living in a Bronte novel with this "wuthering" noise outside my window, haha. Hope the snow melts and you can enjoy the outside soon. Being cooped up for a long time is never much fun, though book & couch time sounds nice!

  3. I would rather be in Hawaii, where I have never been. Nicole, my heart lept in my throat when I read the doc couldn't hear the heartbeat...just sunday I was out for a walk, walked by your home and prayed for your little one. So, so glad this child is safe and growing. Yeah. Yeah. Thank you, Jesus!

  4. Ahhh... my dear hubby surprised me with a weekend getaway to Cancun (after I left him with the kids for a weekend while I was at the Compel Conference!) 3 weeks and I'll be at the beach in the sun! OOOhhhh... I can't wait.

    If I wasn't there, and if I could, I'd be in Haiti doing something to show love to the many kids who are so needing it right now!

  5. Well, it's not so much icy and snowy where I'm at, but it is super duper chilly outside. I don't see how there ISN'T ice and snow out there. I'd rather be curled up by a genuine matchsticks, newspaper, and chopped wood fire reading my favorite book by candlelight and sipping on some hot chocolate.


    Spending a long weekend at the beach with Peaches, my best friend and cousin, (no that's not really her name) listening to the tumbling ocean on the other side of the balcony and the faint pop and crackle of fireworks that aren't supposed to be fired on the beach front by rebellious vacationers. Aah, that sounds so nice. So nice.

  6. Katie, I hear ya. My boys are dying to be outdoors... Luckily, my eldest is a little Eskimo (he was born in Canada, you know) and the cold doesn't bother him. He just bundles up and spends hours outside no matter the weather. My little one, on the other hand, HATES the cold. Imagine that--he was born in Ethiopia. ;)

    Brandi, thanks for putting me in mind of Wuthering Heights. It's been a long time since I read that one and it would be perfect for this dreary winter!

    Nikolyn, I can't thank you enough for the prayers. I wholly believe that we've come this far on the fuel of people who keep lifting us (and this little one) up. Thank you.

    Jen, I'm so jealous! You have an amazing husband. ;) And a huge heart--Haiti would be a wonderful place right now. My mommy-arms would work overtime.

    Lauren, you call your cousin Peaches? Poor thing. ;) Though, I suppose I call mine Na-na which isn't much better. You can do that when you're practically sisters. And what beach is this you speak of...? I'm intrigued by the fireworks and rebellious vacationers.

  7. You know, we don't have any snow here in Ga, but winter is still miserable. So gray and bleak. I'd go to any of those places--particularly the beach!

  8. Ironically, I was asked this same question at Bible study and I'll give the same answer I gave there. Anywhere my husband and daughter are. It really doesn't matter where we are, but if we're together, life is complete. Whether it is cheering each other on in a game on the Wii or Hungry Hippo, swimming at the Y or munching on popcorn in front of a Veggie Tales movie. The weather outside may be frightful, but my heart is full of warmth and sunshine when those I love are close by.

  9. It's Myrtle Beach, or more accurately, North Myrtle. There doesn't have to be any special occasion for fireworks. Nearly every time I've been there's always cause for occasion, no matter how small. Haha. And yes I do call her Peaches, but she calls me Turtle so I guess we're even. :)