Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Since the covers of my books aren't typical for the CBA market (i.e. they don't depict the main character) one of the questions that I am continally asked by readers is: What does Julia look like??? Of course, I describe her in After the Leaves Fall and Summer Snow, but some people still want to see her. "Compare her to a Hollywood actor," people implore me. But for some reason I can't imagine Julia as anyone in Hollywood. "Sketch a picture," someone else recommended. Are you kidding me? I hardly do stick people.

Well, I think I've finally found Julia. I refused to peg her as anyone until I found the perfect picture of her--the photo had to absolutely nail the Julia I had envisioned when I was writing her. And this young woman is it. Here is my interpretation of Julia De Smit, lovely but just a little awkward, tenacious yet uncertain, strong but scared. What do you think? Is this Julia?


  1. For some reason I had imagined her with blonde hair, which may contradict the books - I don't remember. But other than that, I think she does fit Julia.

  2. She is exactly the Julia I imagined, too! A great tribute to your descriptive writing!

  3. that is very much how i envision julia!