Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Another Giveaway!

So you didn't win a book? Here's another chance to do so! Michelle at Edgy, Inspirational Author Blog just reviewed After the Leaves Fall. She liked it, she really liked it! Her praise means the world to me because she reviews so very many books. Browse through her blog to see some of the amazing books and authors she has featured. Anyway, Michelle is also giving away a free copy of Leaves. All you have to do is read her review and leave a comment. The comment has to be specific, so make sure you read the review. I believe she'll draw a winner on Sunday, but don't quote me on that. Good luck!

Sorry about the lack of meaningful blogs lately. I've been birthday party planning, book writing, nursing kids back to health, Bible study leading, preschool planning, and just all around being busy lately. That's okay. I've also adopted a little practice from our friends down south... I'm taking a daily siesta! Let me tell you, a ten minute power nap after lunch has doubled, if not tripled my productivity. Never mind my much cheerier disposition. At least, I think I'm cheerier--maybe you need to ask my hubby about that one... He-he-he!

Oh well, for now, sign up for the free book and I promise to write more later.

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